Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Five

1. I went swimming yesterday, checked myself hourly, gave a bolus each hour since I wasn't getting basal and I did great! Stayed about 130ish the whole afternoon. That was a huge improvement and something for me to be proud of compared to the last time.

2. I really want to know if other pump companies do as many recalls as Medtronic. Seems like there is some sort of recall to do with my pump every other week. This time it's the resivours, but thankfully no worries, mine are not among the bad  batch.

3. Last night was the first time I've had a stomache bug since being on the pump.I have  been able to keep better control of my numbers and not worry about having to eat or not eat. I only ate when my tummy was finally ready.

4. It's so crazy how the tiny tiniest thing can screw up a great BG day. That's why managment and maintenance is SO HUGE with this disease. My great BG day yesterday, considering swimming and the holiday went to crap with a site failure after dinner.

5. I feel validated that my memory has gone to crap because of the "D". I read something last night that said people with T1 have to make an average of 350 desisions a day regarding their T1 managment. That's only the decision! That's not including all the other ideotic thaughts and worries that go along with T1.

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