Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bad Night

Our 4th of July was pretty laid back. Went swimming with friends, came home and BBQ'd and had Brad's dad over. We decided since we were both supposed to be working the next day we would to go see fireworks on Friday night. An hour after dinner Thursday night I was 145 which is nothig to worry about after a meal. I started to feel my sugar rising a short while later. I went to bed at 10:30 with a bg of 178 and did a correction bolus. When Brad came to bed at midnight I had jumped at 289 and I could tell. I had the whole groggy, sandy eyes, wanting to drink enough water to fill the ocean feeling going on. I knew that it was just going to keep climbing. I had kept my sight in an extra day and planned to change it the next day. So in my groggy crappy feeling state of mind I just went ahead and gave myself a correction. It of course wasn't until after that I realized there had to be something wrong with my site. So standing in the bathroom I was crying cuz I am so over this junk and realized it was going to be a long night. I ripped out my old site, which did in fact have a bent canula' (the plastic part under my skin), and it looked like the insulin I had just tried to give myself to correct things just pooled out when the site came out. I gave myself more, but then of course had no idea if I then had too much in my system if any had gone in the first time. I made the decision to set my alarm for an hour later to be sure I wasn't dropping too quickly. Thats how the rest of my night basically went. Getting barely any sleep between hourly to sometimes half hour alarms. At 3:00 I was down to 156 and at 3:30 I was 113, dropping too fast and really hoping for some sleep so I sucked down a juice, and set my pump on a temp bolus for the next hour and a half at 0. Good choice because when I woke up at 6:00 I was at 130. Things got better bg wise, but I guess I got a stomach bug cus I was so sick the rest of the morning which made me so thankful that I had gotten everything worked out with my pump just a few hours before. Since my site was several days old and I had not had an issue until  then I think it got bent when Brad came up behind me and grabbed my side where I hade the site a little too roughly.

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  1. Oh man, what a night! I hate how bent cannulas can throw everything off! I hope you are feeling better!