Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Five

1. Diabetes has been pretty boring the last few days……… not complaining! I’m thankful!

2. I changed my site out last night earlier than I had planned, I’m trying to stretch out how often I change them. Seems like I’m going through infusion sets faster than I should. I changed it because it seemed to be itching more than usual and it was quite red and sore under the skin. Even Brad thought that it was pretty red. I had him look at it yesterday morning and he said it was red but maybe leave it in until today. Then last night looking at it we both thought it had gotten redder so I changed it even though I was still getting insulin. When I pulled out the site, it was a little gooey, gross, I know. Guess it was better to change then and not chance that it was on the verge of infection. It’s still redder in that spot than they usually are and it’s scabbed over. Going to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t still start to get infected.

3. Last night between dinner at 7:00 and bed time at 11:00 I seemed to be staying right at 105. Weird, but good. Not had that happen before, hanging out at the exact same BG for hours on end.

4. I need to learn to use the duel/square bolus function on my pump for slow carb/fatty meals. I’ve been using the temp basal function a lot lately for slow carbs/fatty meals so that when my mealtime insulin wears off I have insulin to cover the carbs that decide to kick in hours later. This seems to be working quite well so far.

5. At this point, the heat wave doesn’t seem to be affecting my BGs too bad. I haven’t seen any drastic highs or lows. Although I haven’t been spending really any time outside. Tomorrow we will see how things go. We are going out to a friend’s farm for the day, it’s the annul post 4th of July  fireworks and day of fun that they do. So there is fishing, possibly swimming and target practice. All in the heat, so we will see what happens.

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