Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BFF My CDE & Fighting For A Cause

When I sent my BG log into Debbie today, here is her email back to me. This is why I love her and she is totally my diabetes BFF.

“Jess, I missed you on the phone just now.
Congratulations on a ton of hard work to get your A1C there!!!! No one but you understands how hard you are working at it.
It's too bad you can't put it on a billboard or something to get some recognition.
Continue your same rates and follow up in 1-2 weeks.
again, great job”

                                                        Add my A1C  here!!! 5.7

In other news, so I haven’t signed up yet or really started trying to do anything regarding the JDRF walk in October. I feel like if I start too soon people will just forget and it may be easier to raise money and get others to walk as the time gets closer. Plus, since I have never done anything like this before I really don’t know what to expect, a little nervous it’s going to be totally geared towards kids and that I’m going to feel out of place. I really want to be able to make some connections with some other T1Ds so I don’t want to be disappointed.  At the same time, that’s kind of selfish thinking on my part. When I think about it I want to go and raise money for a cure for this disease that so many are being afflicted by and I want to do what I can to help and raise awareness. With this being said, it’s giving me a new awareness and making me more willing to help others out who are fighting for a cure for another senseless disease . My sister and her fiancé are doing an Alzheimer walk the end of August that I would totally be at if I was going to be in town. My hubby is in a soccer tournament next weekend for Leukemia.  At first, in my selfishness and since we are always so busy I really wasn’t too keen on the idea of another full weekend, but the more I think about it the more I don’t care if it’s another busy weekend. Helping to raise money for a cure for Leukemia is just as important as diabetes. So I’m supporting him and I will be there with bells on, cheering him and the others on.  I know that things like cancers, Alzheimer’s  and other diseases that are more visible to others in a person’s body seem to get more funding, but if I have the opportunity to help with another fund raiser I’m going to be on it like cheese on macaroni! If I want people to help and support for a cure for diabetes I have to be willing to give back as well to others who are also fighting for a cure for an illness that affects them or their loved ones. Although diabetes is of course my first top priority and I want people to join me in the fight,  I’m going to give back and help others fight in their battles when I can.

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