Thursday, November 14, 2013

World Diabetes Day

Today is world diabetes awareness day. I started the day off with a doctor's appointment bright and early at 7:30. It was not diabetes related appointment, but as with everything "D" does come in to play. It was just a routine, altho nothing is routine with me, check up. I love this doctor, talking to her is like talking to a friend. She is the doctor that after 12 years and ten other doctors later finally diagnosed me with PCOS.She is the first one to look at me and listen to me like I'm a human when I told her all of my crazy weird symptoms that are the exact opposite of PCOS. She ran the blood tests did an ultrasound and that's when we made the discovery, almost 5 years ago. So today we talked about crazy female hormones and how they play such a huge part of managing diabetes and throwing curve balls in there. She did some blood work today to check some things and I'm sure that all of this will eventually come into play with my insulin sensitivity, therefore more adjustments on my pump.

In other news..... With today being world diabetes day I thought that it was kinda ironic that yesterday when I was at Target and I walked down the ailse to get coffee filters the first thing I saw was blue cake mix! I immediately thought of blue Fridays, today and diabetes awareness. I didn't buy the mix just took a pic. Enjoy today!!!

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