Sunday, November 3, 2013

National DAM: Day 3 snacks

National Diabetes Awareness month: day 3 photo op is snacks.

We just just got back in town from visiting my inlaws for the weekend. We had taken a cooler with a few things in it with us and there were a few things to be unpacked when we got back. As I was putting things away in the fridge I saw the brand new jar of sweet pickles that hubby bought the other day. I love sweet pickles but haven't had them in possibly years. I just don't really think about them. I took the jar out thinking that they couldn't possibly have that many carbs in them and maybe they would be my new go to snack with 0 to very few carbs. Wrong! 8 carbs per pickle! That's one unit of insulin for me. I guess I should know that sweet is not deceiving in the name, they really are sweet. Too sweet for me and my already sweet self.

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