Thursday, November 7, 2013

National DAM Day 7: photo opt BLUE

Todays photo prompt is Blue. Blue is the color of diabetes awareness. Fridays are known as Blue Friday, where diabetics far and wide wear the color blue as a sign of awareness and support. I really don't own anything blue, guess I really should change that, therefore I don't participate in Blue Fridays. However, when looking for an image on google that would be good for todays prompt I came across this one. Why blue m&ms you might ask? There are a few things to be learned from just this pic, and the fact that they are blue is just a plus. For one, yes I can eat them if I so choose, I would just have to figure the carb count and bolus correctly. Next, m&ms, as well as any chocolate, are not a good choice for treating a low because they are full of fat which in turn slows the rise of blood sugar. Therefore won't do the job quickly enough. So there you have it for today folks.

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