Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I was doing so great about keeping up with the photo a day for Diabetes Awareness month, and then the weekend happened. As usual, busy. I'm not going to try and catch up, I'm just going with todays photo. Work. Top portion of the photo is of my "D" bag that I literally cannot live without and goes with me every where. A coworker actually gave it to me. It was her cosmetic bag and she had it out on her desk one day and I saw it commented that with the two pockets it would be perfect for a "D" bag and asked where she got it. She had gotten it at Marshals but she gave it to me right away when I said what it would be great for. It had been the only one left when she gut it. I keep in it at all times two different bottles of test strips along with two different meters, a Sharps container for used test strips and needles, lancets, an extra reservoir of insulin, extra infusion set, batteries for my pump, glucose tabs, and a back up Novalog flex insulin pen This sits on my desk at work right next to the phone.

That bottom portion of the photo shows my snack drawer at work. Trail mix, emergency fruit snacks, after lunch dark chocolate (that I count as part of my lunch carbs almost every day).

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