Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Diabetes Awareness Day 6: Relationship

There are a lot of important relationships when it comes to diabetes. All of them incredibly important to the mental and emotonal as well as physical health of a diabetic. Endocrinologist, CDE, nurses, the DOC (diabetes online community), parents, siblings, significant others and the list goes on. I picked this picture of Brad and I on our wedding day taking communion. I think that this picture is pretty significant because it includes both of the most important relationships in my life. For one my relationship and faith with God is huge in my life and keeps me grounded, that signified by the communion.  My hubby, keeps me sane and can deal with all my crazy emotions, the financial stresses, when I feel sick and cranky from highs and lows, all my diabetes talk (there is a LOT sometimes), learning and being very attentive to signs of my highs and lows, and being patient all along with adding a sense of humor in a way only he can. Dealing with things that come with being married to a T1D (and female to boot). I know I have gone on before about how great he is and handles it and me amazingly but it's true. Having at least one strong person in the corner of your fighting cage is essential, because everyday, even the "easy" ones are a fight and it's impossible to fight these battles alone.

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