Saturday, November 30, 2013


I haven't had a really BAD low in a while. As I've said in prior posts, I'm burnt out. That tends to lead to more highs than lows for me. I've been hitting high numbers that I'd rather not admit to. Today, I had a BAD low that I couldn't hide. Usually, I'm at home with hubs, or work when one like that hits and I either hide it, or just get through it with hubs watching over me. Somehow I haven't had one hit like this around friends or other family. Today, it happened. I was at a baby shower. I had just checked my bg, I was 80 but felt I could be dropping so I went ahead and ate a cake ball. I sat down next to my mother in law to eat it and watch gifts being opened. I started to get really hot and weird, but just wanted to wait it out. 20 minutes went by, she finished opening gifts and I was feeling worse. I went back to my purse to grab my meter and check. A good friend of mine was right there and asked how I was and before I could say anything saw I was at 42 and she knew I needed straight up sugar. I followed her to the kitchen for another cake ball feeling like I had to be dripping with sweat and like my head could just roll off my shoulders. As we walked to the kitchen my family was calling fur me to get my picture taken with the mommy to be and I had to just shake my head and throw my hand up for them to wait. I felt bad knowing they were all waiting on me and that others were waiting to talk to mommy to be, but I had to do what I had to do. I grabbed the cake ball, walked out for the picture and I think I heard my aunt in law say, "oh she is crashing" as I shoved half in my mouth. I posed for the picture and then shoved the other half in as they looked at the first one before taking another pic. Last few days with the highs and now this low have me anxious for the Dexcom  cgm. As much as I'm valuing my freedom from another attachment, I'm looking forward to something to tighten my control.

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