Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday Among Other Things

Today, I will state something that I’m thankful for, but this will be more ramblings than anything else I think. Today’s science and medicine. Yes this is typically D related but today I'm refering to something other than the "D". I lost, don’t ask me how, because I have no idea, but I somehow lost my medicine on Monday for my Diabetes Insipidus. (In case you haven’t seen it in another of my postings this has nothing to do with the “D”. Weird I know. If you really want to know more about it look it up. Sorry, I’m in no mood to explain. ) This medicine I figured would still be in my system until I could get it again from Wal-Greens almost 24hrs later. Nope! Big fat NOPE!!!! I literally got up to pee 6 times Monday night into Tuesday morning. Hell! I was miserable on Tuesday. I couldn’t drink enough water to cover how much I was peeing all day at work, and I was going about once, at least, every hour. Once I got my meds, they seemed to kick into gear in a few hours and I got a good nights rest that night. I still felt ick the next day. I had no idea without my little white pills I’d go downhill so fast. So, meds, yes please. I know a lot of people that are very anti-medicine. All holistic and all natural. I had a friend make an ignorant comment once about my thyroid meds. Really? I’m just going to leave this portions topic with this. I will do as much as I can to be healthy, eat organic, and not put chemically enhanced things into my body, but I also value my quality of life and sometimes that means relying on modern medicine!  I thank God for it!

Now, moving on….. Stress, I don’t know what is going on with my sugar levels lately! I don’t know if it’s stress or what. Yesterday morning, I changed my site a little before noon.  Around 1:00 I started noticing my BG creeping up. So I bolused accordingly. 2 hours later 237. I didn’t really believe it so I checked on another meter and then on the original that I had just used and they were all relatively close. Crap, that’s how I stayed well into the evening, I couldn’t get it to go down no matter how much insulin I would give myself. I changed my site, there was no kink in the cannula, and I checked and inculin was coming out of the pump through the tubbing. EEEERRRRR…… Why? Why must this happen? It’s like throwing money down the drain. So I changed it, and somehow over corrected and ended up eating twizlers and starbursts. Thankfully, that didn’t send me too high again. Needless to say, I felt pretty fantastic yesterday. Maybe that’s why I’m still so tired today, from yesterday and Tuesday? Regardless of the highs all afternoon into the evening yesterday, I’ve been having more than I would like. It’s cooled off so I can’t say that I can blame the heat. So maybe it’s stress related?

On another note, my third point of rambling for the day. J I signed up last week I think for an email news letter from  and I received my first email news letter yesterday. There is a section in the news letter for the DOC/social media. Well I’m scrolling through it and I see one of the blogs listed had the same title as mine from last thankful Thursday. I thought, huh someone had the same idea. I clicked, and it was mine!!! Ok, just have to say thanks! I have no idea how that happened but I am unbelievably flattered to have my blog featured. Never would have thought that this little country girl from a little town in the Midwest that just happened to develop diabetes and just happened to start blogging about it would ever have anything she has written featured anywhere. So if you are reading this whoever posted it, thank you. I’m trying to figure out if someone else shared a link for it though as well, because it’s not on their website as far as I can find and their news letter just went out yesterday, but I had way more hits on it last weekend than I ever have with more comments than I ever have. So I’m really curious how people found me.  I’ll stop the ramblings for today, otherwise it will just turn to nothingness if it already hasn’t.

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