Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just not into it

I know I haven't written much lately. I don't want to say that I'm depressed, I don't even know if I'm going through diabetes burn out. I'm just sick of thinking about it. I'm still taking care of myself to the best of my ability, but I guess I just don't have much to say. It's kinda just the same old annoying, worrisome routine. I read other peoples blogs and theirs are so much better put together, I feel like anything I would say lately would be negative and complaining. Next week is my d-anniversary, so I'm sure I will blog about that. On the 21st I'm planning to go to a womens group at the local JDRF office. I'm sure I'll have some input on that. I'm not sure what to expect from that. A little nervous it will be like what I imagine. Everyone sitting around crying about how awful like with t1 is. I really don't need that right now. I'm hoping that it's a place for me to feel connected, especially if I can make some connections with some women who have been through the whole pregnancy thing before I go through it. That would be nice. So anyway, if I'm not posting much, that's why. I'm sure things will change again soon.


  1. Aw I hope things start to look up! I totally understand that blah-ness, I know I've been there before :-/. Just know that I (and I'm sure your other readers) will be here when you have more to say, whether its positive or negative. Sometimes its helpful to vent :) And I hope you find some great women to connect with at that meeting!

    1. Thanks Reva! You're always so encouraging and that means a lot. I know you totally get it, and even though I hate knowing someone else gets it, at the, same time it's nice that someone does.