Monday, August 5, 2013

A Scary Low, Chinese and Beauty and the Beast???

Last night was leftovers night. Brad had leftover chicken curry and rice and I had leftover chicken and black bean tacos. It was about 7:30 when I checked my BG, I was a little on the lower side, 74. Therefore, I didn’t pre-bolus, I waited until my tacos were heated up, so I bolused and started to eat within 10 minutes of checking and seeing the 74. As I was eating I could tell I was plummeting. Within 20 minutes of checking the first time I had dropped to 42! I had a juice box and slowly finished my dinner. I say slowly because I was totally not feeling so hot. Around 10:30 when I went to bed I checked and I was 135, and my pump said I still had too much insulin in my system to  do a correction. I could tell I was going high, but I didn’t want to do a correction or set a temp basal on my pump for fear of crashing during my sleep. I slept through the night, never woke up to check and what was my fasting BG???? 204!!! Yuck! I knew it! It totally sucks, when you are in the middle of a good meal, have to ruin it with something to take care of a scary low, and then end up high later because you took the correct amount of insulin to cover your meal, but because they are complex or slow acting carbs they don’t kick in when you need them to, but kick in hours later after the insulin you took for it is out of your system. I obviously should have probably done a temp basal, but I’m always leery on doing that at night before going to bed unless it’s for something like ice-cream or something I know for sure will be kicking in while I sleep.

While I’m on the topic of temp basal and high carbs………. Friday night it rained, so that canceled any plans we had for going to Food Truck Friday. (Yes, I know, that sounds soooo healthy right?) Then, since my knees are still quite grotesque and painful I decided it would be better to stay in, so we ordered Chinese. Chinese is one of those things I have chosen not to have in months, maybe even a year because I know the high fat content and carbs will make for a bad night. This time, now that I have my pump, I did do what’s known in the “D” world as a SWAG (Scientific wild a** guess) on my meal time insulin, and then did a temp basal rate for 5 hours of 30%. This seemed to work quite well, I was still a bit worried about going high through the night so I did set a temp again when I went to bed, but I I think it was only about 20%. I woke up Saturday with the beautiful number of 120! That’s waaaaayyyyy better than this mornings!

Side note, how did I get the Beauty and the Beast theme song stuck in my head? It's been going round and round in my mind since late in the day at work. Weird!

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