Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Five

1. I'm thankful that despite having a disease that requires constant TLC I am able to do long wonderful weekend get aways and I'm able to have adventures and explore. "D" you're not getting in my way this weekend!!!

2. I'm actually thankful that I may possibly have a slight touch of OCD, then again I think t1 creates that in a person. This means I'm pretty on top of and in tune with how my body is feeling and what it's doing.

3. You can never over pack diabetes supplies.

4. Traveling with a pump may require more supplies than before, but keeping bg level is a bit easier.
At least when infusion sites and everything is working correctly.

5. I just got some fruit snacks yesterday as a new low pick me up. They rock! I've not seen any before that are mainly fruit juice and no artificial sweetners or anything and these are really good.

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