Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ever Changing Lows

Blood sugar, or blood glucose lows, there are a lot of different symptoms and I've discovered that they tend to change every so often. In the beginning my hands would tingle, my tongue would seem to swell and tingle a bit and I would get the worst hot flashes. I don't know what a menopausal woman feels but I would bet that the hot flashes from a low are comparable to hot flashes during menopause. There have been times that I've had to go to the bathroom at work and wipe the sweat from my back, chest and behind my knees from a low sweat.

There is the light headed, dizziness and confusion that have been common.

Recently I called hubby's aunt one night for a family recipe that I wanted to make for dinner. It wasn't until after I got off the phone that I realized I was low. I couldn't remember much of what his aunt had said, couldn't figure out what or where to start for dinner or what to do. Brad was home so I treated the low and making dinner was a team effort, even if a bit rocky it turned out good.

Another night recently after dinner Brad had just left and I was home by myself. Had he been home he would have stopped me from over treating this low. I was doing dishes and as usual it hit out of no where and it was a bad one. I felt like I was starving, and I couldn't think straight for anything. I ate two pieces of licorice, and three good sized brownies that I had made for hubs a few days before. Needless to say, I ended up sleeping that low hangover / sugar spike off.

Hunger from a low is not a normal hunger, there really is no way to describe it to a non diabetic. It's insane, I think it has to be a bit of the mind playing tricks. It causes a person to want to just keep shoveling food in their mouth and not even care. Since you are low there is no logical thinking involved so it's hard to have restraint.

Lately confusion, serious confusion and crankiness are the symptoms I get. Brad has been calling me diabetic cranky. I've told him that I can't control it, I really can't, I don't think I even necessarily know how mean or cranky I am. Altho he teases me about  being diabetic cranky he is pretty good about it. It's just another thing to work through.

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