Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Five

It's Friday! Give your self a high five! You made it to Friday!!! Woot woot!!!!!! Do your happy dance....

 Friday's Five:

1. Chocolate/Peanut Butter….. Food is not the enemy to a diabetic, our own bodies are the enemy, not producing or using insulin productively. Chocolate/peanut butter though, because of AAALLLLLL the FAT…… chocolate/peanut butter is my enemy. Why oh why yummy goodness can you not be good for raising blood sugar levels when needed.  Instead it’s something with straight sugar and little fat that has to do the trick. Bolusing and carb counting must be done for the chocolate/peanut butter indulgence.

2.  Lows…..Speaking of lows.. I know I’m so going to get in trouble from co-workers if they are reading this. I know I need to be smarter when I get low. Like the other day about quarter to 5 I noticed I wasn’t feeling real great and when I checked I was all the way down to 47. I ate my 4 Starbursts and got to 97 before driving home from work, but boy that was a scary one that felt like the longest 15 minutes ever, and I even still felt low even when I wasn’t. I know I should start telling someone when I’m not doing so great, but I hate the idea because it happens so often I don’t want to appear that I’m just wanting attention. I just want to deal with it on my own, but I don’t want to learn the hard way either and end up in the hospital.

3.  Balancing Exercise and BG….. As thankful as I have been that I haven’t been dealing with a  lot of highs lately (thanks to the pump and me being disciplined), when the evening rolls around and I’m ready to go on my walk after work I’m too low to go on my 2 ½ - 3 mile walk. I’ve realized that if I’m under 120 BG I’m going to drop it like it’s hot. I have to eat something. Doesn’t matter if I set my pump on a temp basal I’m still going to end up way too low. Which sucks, I don’t want to eat when the whole point is trying to lose a couple pounds/maintain my weight and get in shape. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I hate to keep popping starbursts in my mouth before going on a walk. I’m not complaining that I’m so close to 100 right after work/before dinner. It’s definitely a good thing and something that I’m thankful for, I’m just not sure about balancing things out.

4.  Glucose Buddy…… I really like this app on my phone, if I can remember to use it. It’s just another thing to remember to do. Although my meter goes to my pump, (not for long because I’ve ordered more test strips for my old one touch meter. Much cheaper than my new one that I like. Insurance doesn’t cover enough and although it makes “D” life much easier and one less step in all the monitoring, it’s just not worth the extra cost in my book.) it doesn’t show a graph and I still have to eventually write everything down for my CDE anyway so I might as well log it in my phone right away, if I only I keep doing that.

5.  Diabetes Is Not An Excuse… It really isn’t and I know that this phrase can be interpreted in several ways. I’m talking about it today in that fact that it’s not a cop out, but a serious thing that if I can’t do something I really can’t.  As I’ve said in prior posts, I didn’t get the best education over the last few years. One thing that I still don’t know a whole lot about are ketones, and I know that I should because they are dangerous. I know that they develop because of high bg for long periods of time and that’s probably why I haven’t really educated myself on them recently, because it doesn’t happen very often for me and when I have checked for them, I haven’t had any.  So when I say I can’t do something active because I’m too low, I really can’t. If I say I can’t do something because I have been really high and having a hard time getting down, I feel like crap at that point, possibly  have ketones  developing and need to rest, drink lots of water and figure out what I need to do to get things were needed. (Lots of scenarios! My pump, reservoir, tubing, site, canula, etc, etc… list goes on.)   I remember back shortly after being diagnosed I was out with some friends, I had not driven and I started to feel bad, head ache, exhausted, just stinking crappy, it was because I was high. I just wanted to go home. My friend that had driven me got mad because I wanted to go home and thought that I was just using “D” as a cop out. It’s not as easy as that, I wish it were, but it’s not a cop out or an excuse, it’s a fact.

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  1. I love that cartoon at the end, so funny! Dropping low during exercising is one of the most frustrating things to me. You work so hard to burn off those calories and then have to turn around and eat more. I've tried using the low sugar gatorade instead of water when I work out. For the G2, the whole thing is only 45 calories and 12 carbs so it's not sooo bad. I'm not sure if that's a better solution than starburts though.

    On an unrelated note, I've been wanting to congratulate you on winning that awesome clutch! :)