Monday, June 10, 2013


There is a first time for everything and this past weekend I had a few. Friday morning on my way out of the bedroom getting ready to head out the door for work the bedroom door handel some how got caught in my tubbing and ripped my infusion set sight right out of my side. That was pleasant, but no blood, just a quick silouhette change. Sucked cuz I had just changed it the night before so wasn't due to be changed till Sunday. I know its bad but this one I'm leaving in longer than I should since that was money down the drain.

Saturday was the first time I wore my pump so that it was so visible. I had it attached to my skirt waistband not covered up. Then, the next first, I was asked if it was a walky talky. That was funny. Today had been a first in a REALLY long time of almost perfect bg, at least perfect for a t1d. Hope I didn't just jinks it!

On a totally seperate note, I'm in a wedding on Saturday and even though I've been in a few others including my own since being diagnosed  I'm nervous because of all of the lows that I've had lately. I think I'm going to use my temp basal setting on my pump for the ceremony to hopefully avoid any issues. So I guess it will be another first for me. First time in a wedding with my pump. My amazing mother inlaw sewed a secret pocket into my dress for me so that I have easy acess to my pump. Yay for firsts!!!!

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