Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bionic Woman? Someday???

As I was sitting in the drive through this morning at McDonalds for an iced decaf coffee, (I know, what’s the point most people say, but call me crazy, I like the taste. Although it’s not the coffee taste but the creamer.), I read this article
    It’s quite long, but if you have time to read it do, you will be enlightened. I had no idea how it would affect me. It was a happy, emotional almost to tears feeling. Is a bionic pancreas really feasible? I read another article the other day (Thanks to the DOC I’m finding so much info!) about researchers creating a pump that automatically stops when a low comes on. Not approved yet by the FDA of course. A bionic pancreas…… That sounds way too good to be true! Then again, without great health insurance it probably is. Looks like they are hoping to have FDA approval in 2017 so who knows where I will be in life by then. I’ve started to really get a liking for my pump, I still of course get annoyed at times with it, dresses there is still no easy way to wear them, swimming, that just sucks! That’s a whole other blog in itself, but that’s for another day. So anyway, since getting accustom to having this battery operated thing attached to me all the time, the bionic pancreas would maybe be a little more of a hassle, but since I don’t have a CGM maybe it would just be like having one of those. This is in no way a cure for diabetes at all. A cure would be not wearing gadgets and tubing on the outside of my body and looking like I must internally be a robot. A cure would be no shots, no finger pricks, no carb counting by me or a device. A cure would be for my pancreas to be regenerated. I have read articles on that, that recently researchers found a gene in mice that cause regeneration in cells of some sort, but yet again, is it too good to be true? Or at least in my lifetime? Even if I never see it I hope that it does come to pass for others.

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