Friday, June 21, 2013

Fiday's Five

1. I don’t do diet or sugar free anything. I try to stay away from fake sweeteners and just bolus accordingly for the extra carbs. Since it was a year ago in April that I gave up soda/energy drinks of any kind completely (Yay me!!!) it’s not been too hard.  

2. New found favorite juice box… V8 very berry. Yum! Trying to go a little healthier with some fruits and veggies in the mix and not just flavored sugar water. I’m like a little kid when I suck them down, they have a purple dinosaur on them. ;) These stay at home and don’t go out in public with me.

3. Not so pretty fingers… My finger tips because of testing on an average of 10 times a day don’t look so great, but got a manicure for the wedding last weekend that is still holding up pretty well and now my nails at least look pretty. Ignore the calloused and dottie finger tips.

4. It’s summer! That means pool time! First time to the pool this year will be Sunday and I’ll go pumpless for a bit. That’s going to be an adventure as it will be the first time going without my pump for an extended amount of time since starting it back in February. I’d say I will feel a little less cyborgish, but I’ll still have my site for my infusion set on my stomach so not quite fully human feeling. Thank God for tankienies!

5. Insulin pumps and roller coasters don’t go together very well apparently? Good thing I’m not really into roller coasters, but if I went on one before I found out about the possibility of the magnetic forces scrambling my pump, this girly would not be happy.

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