Friday, May 10, 2013

T1D Moms!

After my last posting, and with it being mothers day weekend and coming accross the following blog that I thought was just perfect I have to share it! Totaly encouraging for someone who is looking at and planning for the future as a diabetic wishing to be a mom some day. So I thought that I woudl share if you care to take a look and get other perspectives and not just mine. These are from women who have and are doing it and rocking it! If they can, so can I!!!

On a totaly seperate note, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been very uneducated on my “D”. My newest thing that I’m trying really hard to follow, is the 15/15 rule. If I’m low, treat it with 15 grams of carbs and check again in 15 minutes to see if I’m good. This rule also needs to be followed by eating fast acting carbs like starbursts or Lifesavers. I’ve realized in the last couple of days that 4 Starburst tends to do the trick as well as 6 or 7 Lifesavers. Unfortunately anything chocolate or the granola bars that I’m use to carrying really should not be an option. Both are slow acting carbs, chocolate because it’s very fatty and granola because it’s a grain. Both of those can cause me to overdo it in the long run. This explains why I tend to go from 55 to 250 a lot of times and have a hard time correcting things. Dumb! So I asked Brad to pick up Starbursts or LifeSavers while he was at the store yesterday. Bad thing is that in our house hold sweets don't last long because he has an awful sweet tooth. So I walk into the living room at one point last night and there are Starburst wrappers on the coffee table. Guess we will see how long my "emergency" candy lasts.

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