Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jump Around Jump Around All Up And Down

Disclaimer……This is going to be a somewhat scattered blog post today.

Memorial day weekend, went a whole lot better than expected BG wise. I wrote on our trip on our way out of town that it had been a wonkey kinda day. Highs all morning, lows all afternoon, evening was a mixture of both. Latter on when I was thinking over the day, I at first thought that maybe it had been a clogged infusion set or canula, which I changed right before lunch in the car. Then I remembered that I was really low before we left the house to hit the road. So I guess it was just one of those bad days. It was a pretty sucky "D" day. I broke down that night in the hotel room after discovering that I had forgotten not only the thigh pouch thingy that I sleep with to keep my pump in, but that I forgot my thyroid medication as well. A day of despising my body, but as I cried to my hubby as he held me, I wasn't hating my body the way most women hate theirs. When I think about it, if only it were that simple. Health problems to me seemed so much worse at that moment and many others, than weight, freckles, pimples no boobs, too big of boobs, or feeling ugly  like so many woman struggle with. Not saying I haven’t’ had my ugly feeling days. I've had plenty of those myself. So, I (we, hubby and I since he held me as I literally cried that night.) got through that crummy day and enjoyed the rest of the weekend. I think we did pretty well eating considering it was a holiday weekend and being out of town. My BG wasn't too awfully horrible. I have seriously the best in-laws ever and really dislike being far away from Brad’s brother and his family. This weekend was another reminder of why I’m trying so hard to take care of myself to the best of my abilities.

                                        Me and hubby on the left, bro and sister in law on the right 
Niece and nephew on the bottom playing with their mud pie maker that we got them and then showing me their tattoos.

Now, onto my next thoughts…… I’m pretty old school, I like hard copies of things, paper and books, calendars and note pads/books. I have a tablet, but prefer a real book. I bought a couple of journals at Office Depot for real cheap because they are closing down. I got two and a pocket calendar for $7.00!!! Can’t really beat that. Plan was to use the journals as a food/BG/Carb log and I bought two because I couldn't decide which one I like best. They are both bigger and heavier than the small thin one that came with my pump, and that one I have used up already. I try really hard to use the journal I decided on, but I haven’t used it in a week. Last night……. HELLO TECHNOLOGY!!! I found an app on my phone for BG logging! Although it’s only been a day, not even 24 hrs I have to say that it’s pretty fantastic! I have to give the credit to the hubs thought because he is the one that originally told me I should see if there is an app instead of doing it on paper.

                                                    I can even get to Face Book from the app.

                                      I can check out how things were looking on a certain day

                                     I can put in not only my BG but what I ate and how many carbs....

And the my fav so far is the graph that shows what my average BG is for however many times I checked that day. So far between yesterday and today my average BG is 128. No so bad.

Next topic, last night I had some pretty great reactions to my pump. I caught a friend of a friend just staring at my pump which was in the pocket of my shorts. Her eyes looked like they were going to bug out of her head. I told her what it was and she was like “I know what it is but why did you get that? I knew you gave yourself shots in your butt so why did you switch? Are you getting sick?” Really? Yes, she really did say that. By the way, I have never given myself shots in my butt, always my stomach. I don’t mind what she said nor was I offended just simply amused at the look on her face and the comment about shots in the butt. Don’t know why I find that so funny but I do. I simply told her that we decided that it would be best for my health and that it did seem to be helping out and going quite well. It wasn't really the right setting to get into the whole, “Oh, it’s because we are trying to get my body baby ready and it’s really the best option for getting and staying pregnant.” Yeah, wasn't the best time for that and any questions to follow.
 Then there was a little boy who caught me checking my blood. His reaction was “You are diabetic?!” He was like 10 maybe, so you know he has to know someone who is because even most adults wouldn't have a clue what I was doing.  I said yes as I pulled out my pump and bolused to get my sugar down a bit. I asked him who he knew that was diabetic and he said is cousin who is close to his age. He was fascinated by the pump. Asking if it hurt, where the insulin was stored how it knew what to do. It was a bit of a show and tell, and it was nice to have innocent and curious questions asked.

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  1. I loved Glucose Buddy before I got my CGM!!! Glad you found it!