Friday, May 24, 2013

Road Trip

Is it possible to over pack on the "D" supplies for a trip? NO!!!! Going to Kansas City this weekend and its the first trip we have taken since I've been on the pump. Before all i really worried about was my insulin pens and meter pack that contained my test strips and a couple granola bars. Now I had to have extra infusion sets and some replacement reservoirs. Guess what I hadn't checked, the extra sets in my purse. I thought I was good to go on those but I wasn't, I used the reservoir and infusion set that was in my purse, except for the actual canula set and forgot to put in a replacement. Only figured that out as we were getting out of the drive through at Chick Fila. (I had an extra of the ones I like in my bag and the evil one.)I was already having issues with my pump. I figured if I really didn't have enough insulin left my pump would stop and give me an error, it didn't but just kept going like it was full and I knew I was out. Another learning experience. Today has been just a fantastic T1D day! High all morning, in the 250's couldn't come down. Looked at the calendar and figure that's how things will go for a week. Next week my little "friend" will be coming to visit so wonderful harmons will wack things out. Then this after noon my theme song should be "How Low Can You Go". At least its a three day weekend and we get to spend it with the best inlaws a girl could ask for! :) Can't wait to see my little cuties!!! Lets hope the weather holds out for the zoo tomorrow and I have no "D" issues there.

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