Sunday, May 19, 2013

D-Blog Week Day #7 Favorite Posts

I feel like a turd. I honestly totally forgot about blogging on this last day of Dblog week. Sorry for any of you fellow Dbloggers reading this. I'm kinda throwing it together and on my phone none the less. Todays topic was three favorite posts. That's really too hard. I've found so many new favorite blogs to read, the whole week was so encouraging for me to read what others are going through just like me. I'll keep going back through them all for the next several weeks I'm sure. I really don't think I can name just three. Six Until Me, Below Seven, A1 Conceive,
TypeWonerful, Silverlinning, and of course Bittersweet Diabetes just to name a few. Favorite topics: achievements, the petition one that I didn't not write in, and memories. All so great and totally lifted my spirits this week. I'm going to keep on trecking this diabetic journey knowing for a fact I'm not the only one. Thanks everyone who participated, I'm glad I got to peak into your lives, and I plan to keep peaking.

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