Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Fives

I'm stealing this idea from another blogger that I follow. Five random diabetes facts on Friday.

1. Finger the beginning when I first started checking my bg I would just stick my thumb since I really don't type with it. Last several months I have moved onto other fingers because my thumb was getting too calloused and tough. Now on the finger next to my pinky I just counted 13 red dots. Guess I tend to hit the same places on my fingers and will need to switch to my right hand soon.

2. Site changes...I know I'm new to being a pumper, but after reading others blogs looks like I'm developing some of the not greatest habits already. Not changing my site on my tummy as often add I should. Its expensive for supplies! Regardless of insurance.

3. Sex... Ok, gonna be blunt, and really surprised none of my friends or sisters have asked yet. No, I remove the pump before it's time. Kind killed the feeling in the beginning but now it's kinda just routine and a little like a " Hey babe, how you doing?"

4. Test strips... How can the insurance co really dictate how many test strips I need? Not having a CGM I'm testing about ten times a day now! For one, I gotta be on top of what my body is doing in order to be getting body baby ready, for two......I need to check before walking or working out. For three What is really cheaper United Healthcare? Paying for more test strips because I'm trying to stay in healthy range or dialysis for my kidneys? You tell me.

5. New candy, I need a new candy to treat my lows. Getting sick of starbursts. I'm gonna have to go get some gummies of some sort.


  1. Great Friday list! I am forever testing on the same fingers. I seem to forget about the other ones.

    #4 - I know, it's so frustrating. My Endo writes my script for 10x/day. Is a CGM an option? I test probably about 5-8 times/day with my CGM. Love it!

    Smarties are good for lows. My favorite is Reeses PB cups though, although they don't travel too well. ;o)

    1. I originally planned on getting a CGM when I got my pump, then I was informed by Medtronic that even with insurance a 90 day supply of sensors would be $600. So that wasn't happening. I hadn't thought of smarties. That's a great idea especially since we are going onto summer. Thx.

  2. Fruit snacks for lows! Convenient little packets and delicious taste. You can buy a huge box of like 80 packets at costco for around $15

    1. Fruit snacks is a great idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thx Reva!