Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meter Errors, Mishaps, Taking Breaks and Facing My World

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written, but not much new. Hormones still messing with blood sugars, now Dr. O is increasing my dosage for the “Hell pills”, if they don’t seem to make me ovulate in May then I’m to go in for an ultrasound again to see what the dealeeo is.

In other news….
I had a meeting today at work with some clients and we ordered in  lunch, this ended up with a couple of issues for me and “D”. First, I took my insulin too soon, I thought we had wrapped things up and were going to be ready to eat, but they kept talking and asking questions before they were ready. Once we did finally decide to eat, while going through the orders we found that there were two lunches the Panera forgot. I’m the one that had placed the order online so I called about the order to let them know about the missing lunches. I was on the phone for a few and I could feel I was getting low, which I had known for a while. One of the guys stepped out of the conference room to check and see how things were going with getting the missing lunches and since I was on hold I asked him to grab me one of the cookies that was in there. These are GINORMOUS chocolate chip cookies and I scarfed the entire thing! After getting things squared away with having the lunches delivered I got out my sheet I had printed off with the nutritional info and found that the cookie had 58 grams of carbs!!! Good grief that was more than my meal should have been!!! My half of a Caesar salad and grilled cheese sandwich was only 45 carbs so I had to add additional bolus to make up for the other 13 carbs I had just consumed. That still didn’t help because I went from being 65 and then when I finally did eat my lunch I guess I didn’t give insulin soon enough because then I hung out in the 240 range all afternoon. Fun times I’m telling you.

 Oh, and I forgot this. Really wish I would have taken a picture but before I stepped into my meeting I checked my BG to make sure everything was all good and I got an error on my meter that I’ve never seen before. Something along the lines that the reading was below 20mg/dl and to check with health care professional right away. My Dexcom CGM was showing I was at 149 so I checked on my One Touch meter which I keep as back up and it showed I was at 93. Stupid, three different readings all totally different and not even slightly close to each other. I retried on my original meter and it read 93 just like my back up. When I first saw the error message I scared a co-worker because I made a loud surprised noise and said something about according to this I should be close to dead. Yeah, I know I’m real sensitive about what I say out loud when it comes to this stuff.

Now...Since I know for a fact that I’m not pregnant and will not be getting pregnant next week while on vacation……… Drum roll please!!! I’m taking a pump vacation!!! I’ve decided! I need one! With everything going on lately although I cannot take a vacation from diabetes I am taking a break from my battery operated pancreas! I need to not have something attached to me with tubing for a while. I’m still debating on my Dexcom, I’m partially afraid I’ll stress myself more having just that and not my pump by seeing my numbers constantly if I’m running higher than usual. I of course will test a lot, but I need to take a step back and enjoy things. I’m just getting too uptight with all this management and trying for perfect baby making numbers. I have quite a few insulin pens left from before my pumping days and the pens don’t expire until I think July of 2015 so why not get a little use out of them?

 I just saw recently that next week is diabetes blog week and as much as I enjoyed participating last year I’m undecided if I will participate this year. I’d like to and I’m not sure that if being on vacation at the same time if I will have more time to blog or less. I’ll be bummed to miss it, but at the same time since I’ve kinda needed to take a step back from things I’m feeling the same about blogging and reading blogs and pretty much anything diabetes related. I’ve not read in quite some time the three books I have, “Think Like A Pancreas”, “Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes” or “Balancing Diabetes”. I am in the middle of all three, have yet to even come close to finishing them.  All of which I know are fantastic books but I’d rather clean, garden, be outside or watch a mind numbing TV show or movie than read more about something that I already can’t ignore but really wish I could. I know that all three of these books have wonderful info that would totally help me, but I just don’t feel like picking them up to read lately. Hopefully this vacay will be just what I need to get me back on track and when I come back I’ll be refreshed and ready to jump back into everyday life head on and ready to face my world with everything in it!

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