Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vacation Lessons

This vacation was not the laid back relaxing vacation that I've always taken. I'm not complaining whatsoever,  its been amazing. We hiked Snow Canyon National Park in UT on Sunday.  Monday we hiked the mountains in Zion National Park UT and Tuesday we walked Hoover Dam and then the Las Vegas Strip.

So far going pumpsles and back to injections for this week here is what I've learned.

Need For Sugar
It hasn't mattered that I haven't been taking the amount of insulin that I would usually need with a meal,  I still end up eating 2-5 packs of fruit snacks during our hikes after lunch. By dinner I'm low enough to need another snack before eating dinner and even then I have still dropped each night after dinner. Thursday we plan to go to either the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon so since I've gotten a little too low at times and almost been caught without enough sugar of some kind I'm not letting that happen again.  I will be prepared.

There Is A Difference Between Novolog And Humalog
Before going on my pump I used Novolog insulin pens.  Then when I went on pump I changed to Humalog because it was cheaper.  I don't know if I would have noticed a difference without my Dexcom but going back to my Novolog pens I'm seeing a noticeable difference in that my highs don't last as long and I seem to come down smoother on Novolog than on Humalog that I use in my pump.  I'm sure that all this extra activity has helped with the highs but I can tell that there is a difference in insulin types.

Patience With The15/15 Rule
I don't know that I've really learned a lesson here.  Last night after dinner sitting pool side with a glass of wine Lexie my Dexcom CGM starting warning me I was low. I had been feeling something for a while but thought it was the wine.  Thank God for Lexie!!! I looked at her screen, she said I was at 59 I think so I did a finger stick to confirm and I was 34 according to my meter! I grabbed a huge glass of juice because I know red wine tends to drop my bg. I didn't feel this 34 the way I felt a 52 at the grocery store our first day here.  That 52 actually felt scarier.  About a half hour after the juice I was 100, but around 12am I was back to dropping again and between the famished feeling of the 56 low and the fear of going to bed and Lexie not catching a low in time I way over did it this time. After 1 pack of fruit snacks,  a glass of juice and a granola bar,  (I already admitted I over did it! ) I went to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later to Lexie alarming me that I was 188 with two straight up arrows.  I did a correction of insulin,  went to sleep again to wake up at 4am hanging around 292. More insulin,  sleep and waking up at 7am to 225 still.  More insulin,  trying to fall back to sleep but unable to because I had the nasty high bg mouth feeling,  sinus congestion and soar throat.  Those are the typical symptoms I get with hours of a high bgs. Well,  at least I hadn't gone terrifying low in the middle of the night right? 

After a night like last night I'm glad to have a relaxing day by the pool today.


  1. Aw, your vacation sounds amazing!! I'm sorry you were having problems with lows though. And then highs. Sometimes if I know I've overcorrected, I might do a temp-basal or a little higher to help prevent the overcorrection, although I haven't mastered this. Have fun at the Grand Canyon!!

    1. Yeah, if I wasn't taking a vacation from my pump and doing injections I would totally have done temp basal. I have to admit that is one thing I miss about the pump. That and being able to see the iob. It's been nice not having something attached to me, but I'll be ready to have it back by the time we get home. :)