Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Work Out's Never Just A Work Out

For a diabetic,  a type 1, a work out is never simply as easy as just working out.  A run is never just a run and a walk is never just a walk.

I have to have a fast acting sugar source with me so I stashed fruit snacks under my laces before my walk/run.

Must check bgs to see if they are matching my CGM and if I need to eat a snack first.  Also use a temp basal on my pump so I'm not getting my normal dose of insulin.

2.2 miles brought my bg down nicely.  I did check my meter to confirm that Lexie my cgm was giving me the correct info and she was.  Don't judge me for my slow pace and distance!  I've never been a runner and yesterday I incorporated quite a bit of running into my walk and today I was hurting. But I thoroughly enjoyed my time outside and the beautiful weather.  Thank God it's spring!


  1. What a creative spot for your treat! Do you ever have a problem with them falling out? That's definitely nicer than having to carry them!

    1. So far no, I've not had a problem with them falling out. They stay petty snug and it's a great place to keep them.