Monday, March 31, 2014

Insulin Resistance and Hormone Drugs


 This is what I've been dealing with for over a week, maybe 2 weeks now. I've done everything I should, I've switched out my insulin pump infusion sites on my stomach more frequently, I've changed infusion sets, I've changed insulin, I've waited 15-20 even sometimes 30 minutes after giving a mealtime insulin bolus before eating…. None of it has worked. Since I don't know what is going on with my cycle and I'm really not sure when or if I'm going to start I thought maybe it was because I would start my period in the next week or so, over the weekend I played it off to maybe it’s cause I was getting a cold, (it hasn't really turned into anything). Also over the weekend we were out of town visiting family and I played if off to being off schedule and maybe lack of sleep. Today, being back and on my normal routine and after evaluating everything that I've done since these stupid highs have kicked in and going over my meter logs and my Dexcom logs I decided it was high time to contact my diabetes BFF, my CDE. From somewhere around 10:30 this morning until after 3:30 this afternoon I was high, as in 200’s almost 300's high. I felt like crap, tired, groggy, emotional, head kinda heavy and foggy, and sick to my stomach, peeing like a racehorse and wanting to chug  enough water to fill the Mississippi. I needed to take action because nothing I have been doing is working. I've been kicking up the temporary basal rates on my pump anywhere from 30-65% higher than normal and the highs are still really ugly. I sent my, Dexcom logs, my meter logs, and my daily insulin totals over to my CDE and told her everything I've been doing. Even though I had told her two weeks ago when I last sent in all my logs that my infertility specialist, Dr. O, had put me on Letrozole, I reiterated this again. I heard back from her almost immediately, she had missed it two weeks ago when I told her I had been on Letrozole and she apologized  profusely. Even though it’s been 3 weeks since I was on it and I only take it for 5 days it apparently wreaks havoc on my BGS and will make my need for insulin increase, it causes an increase in insulin resistance!!! Oh joy! This is what I have to deal with now for a bit each month now until I do get pregnant and while taking Letrozole once a month. She says she can see the huge difference for my need for more insulin since I talked to her two weeks ago. She increase my basal rates and my lunch and dinner time insulin to carb ratios drastically. I’m to touch base with her every few days now to get things tight and were they should be again and she said to check, check, check my BGs often.  I felt relieved that I now knew I had really been doing everything right and like I should, but I felt guilty for letting it go for so long and not contacting her sooner. As excited as I'd be to find out I'm pregnant I'm not sure if I'd scream and laugh with excitement or burst into tears of frustration and fear of what these highs may have done to a baby. When I say that I've been running high I don't mean just here and there, I mean it's the majority of the day for hours on end. I can wait the amount of time that I should between taking insulin and eating and once that food kicks in it's almost as if I've not taken any insulin. Maybe not quite to that extreme because if that were the case I'd have ended up in the hospital I'm sure. I guess this is just a tiny sneak peak of what the later part of a pregnancy for me will be like. I was feeling quite discouraged this afternoon with all of this and had sent out a text to some good close friends that I could use some prayers cuz I wasn't doing so hot with all this. I got some nice encouragement back and even when I got home from work Brad offered to stay home with me tonight from the worship band that he plays on on Monday nights, if I needed emotional support and because I wasn't feeling so great. It was very sweet of him but I told him no, no need. I'm thankful that I have these people in my corner. It was a day I needed to know that even though no one I know understands, they are still there cheering me on and rooting for me as I fight this fight.


  1. Wow, that insulin resistance sounds so stressful but I'm glad you know what is causing it. (Because I think not knowing why makes it even more stressful). I'm so glad you have a great support system, and I'll be sending good thoughts out to you too.