Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One of Those Days

This has just been one of those days……..It started going in a southwardly direction just a few minutes before heading out the door for work this morning. I’ve already been a “little” stressed due to the whole PCOS/ovulation/BG saga. According to the Clear Blue test kit yesterday and today I should be ovulating. We’ll see how true that is when I get my blood drawn next week. Yay! Anyway, back to today’s loveliness. I’ve been squeezing into my jeans for a while now and the other day I broke down and went through what I have, a lot that I haven't worn in ages, and tried them all on. I now have a stack of what I can’t possibly squeeze into any longer. Talked to hubs this morning about needing to get new ones that actually fit comfortably and discovered that apparently I’m in the double digits of sizes now. Really?! Sigh… Okay, not going to let that get to me. I eat healthy, I work out pretty good including cardio 4-5 times a week and I have been for 3 months now. No weight loss,(dang low blood sugars before/after work out or any other time of day causing me to consume calories) but ya know what, I’m healthy. So keeping with that positive attitude onto the next lovely downer. My phone decided to completely crap out on me just a little past 10:00. I have a month, 1 MONTH until I can upgrade and it totally goes capoot! I had our IT guy at work look at it and he said it’s done. Darn it! I don’t want the crappy loaner phone from Best Buy (cuz that’s where I bought it and have insurance through. Never getting their insurance again. It sucks.) Really bad timing, going to visit my in-laws and new niece next week and I really want to have my phone to take pictures. This leads to the third thing that just really really really burns me up. Remember in my last post (in case you didn’t read it link is above highlighted in blue), I mentioned that I had to go get blood redrawn for the BIG hormone imbalance test because the lab messed up? I was really hoping to hear from the nurse today with the results. I called and left her a message with my work number to call. She called back fairly quickly and said that she had just called the lab and they hadn’t processed my labs until the 17th and I should have the results tomorrow! Really? I went in on the 13th and the lady said that since they messed it up they would put it on a rush and results would be in the next day. When I called my doctor’s office on the 17th the nurse told me that this test takes longer and that it would be a few days. Now I find out they didn’t put a rush on it and it will be a week since getting blood drawn once those results are in. Stupid lab, stupid doctor’s offices, stupid dumb body of mine that just doesn’t want to work right! Ugh, having a dead organ-pancreas, and two lazy working glands- thyroid and pituitary just bites.

 To just relax and distress I’ve discovered that I can’t even break down and have a glass of wine occasionally without feeling gross afterwards. Since trying for a little human I’ve cut out caffeine and alcohol and discovered that my body hates both. Any time that I have splurged and had just a glass or two of wine or a cup of real coffee I end up regretting it. Both make me break out (even worse than I already am since being off the pill for the past year), make me miserably bloated and just do awful things to my stomach/insides area whatever that area may be. I started feeling this way a couple years ago and thought that it could be a few different things, tried cutting those out and when that didn’t work gave up. Now that I’ve given up caffeine and alcohol I know what it was, weird.

 How is all this stress affecting my BGs you may ask? Well, not as awful as I would think. Thank the Lord!!! We made Rubin sandwiches on Monday for dinner and then I brought one yesterday for lunch and I’m pretty sure that the carb count on the rye bread wrapper is WRONG! I was stinking high all night Monday and yesterday afternoon. I thought maybe Monday was a fluke so I brought the same thing for lunch yesterday and that just confirmed my suspicions. Today I was hanging around 140 all morning and couldn’t get down until after lunch, but 140’s are better, much better than 180-220’s from Monday night and Tuesday afternoon so I’ll take it.  

 On the brighter side of things, and by brighter I mean literally, since it was hovering around 50 degrees today and although it was cloudy, I was wearing a bright coral sweater cardigan thingy. I know, kinda lame way to be more chipper, but since I’m wearing it and it’s been months because of the cold and I haven’t worn it this just means we are that much closer to spring right? Also, Lexie, my Dexcom CGM has been spot on with my meter and it’s 10 days that I’ve been sporting this sensor so that’s a really bright spot . Yay for that! We’ll see what tomorrow brings, praying I really do get a call with test results from the nurse tomorrow and praying that they are good. Sitting on pins and needles………….



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