Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pump Malfunction, User Error or Just Dumb Diabetes???

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of BGs that led into a fantastically craptastick night of a stubborn, unknown reason of a high. I have no idea why I stayed like this from about 10pm to about 5am when I finally dropped below 150. I calculated carbs correctly at dinner, which was not a fatty meal, didn’t splurge on a snack, drank lots of water and yet at 9:30 I started to see the arrow on Lexie slightly go up. By 10:30 I was at 179 and even though Lexie’s arrow had flattened out I still had a feeling that I wasn’t going to go back to a happy range any time soon.  I jumped on the exercise bike at 10:45 and rode my heart out for 20 minutes until I saw a decline start to happen on Lexie’s screen. She showed that I was starting to go down so I stopped ridding when she was showing that I was steadily dropping below 163. Went to bed with my high alarm still set at 150 and high snooze at 30 minutes figuring that I was heading in the right direction and would even out soon enough and that I wouldn’t get woke up by the high snooze. WRONG! First time I was woke up I figured no big deal, I was right above 150 and had to be dropping. I had insulin on board still in my body from the correction bolus and with just getting my sweatabetes on I had to be dropping at a safe pace. At least that is what sounds pretty logical but not what really happened. 12:30ish woke up again and this time I was back to 160’s. I laid in bed wondering I should change my infusion site, I had been putting it off because I had forgotten that I should do it that day and had decided to wait to the morning, but laying there wondering what was up I decided to go ahead and switch things out. I grabbed my “D” bag next to the bed, grabbed a new set and alcohol swab and did my thing praying that this would take care of things. I changed the high alarm to go off every 45 minutes instead of 30 and tried to go back to sleep. 45 minutes later and I was still climbing. Long story short, this is how my night went, correction bolus after correction bolus every couple hours and still I got up to just under 200. At one point, half asleep and tired and getting frustrated and straight up pissed, I don’t know what time it was but when trying to give myself a correction bolus through half asleep fogginess it seemed that the ACT button on my pump wouldn’t work. Not sure if that was really the case since I’ve had no issues as of today, but I couldn’t seem to actually get it to do anything and give the bolus after I saw the unit needed. It seemed to freeze. I never saw it pop up on the pump screen that insulin was being delivered, screen just went blank. I went to the main menu, looked and it had given the correction, but then of course I stayed awake for a while wondering if the issue was my pump not delivering my basal rates or something. I eventually fell back to sleep for a bit thinking that if I kept getting high Lexie would wake me up and then I know something was seriously wrong. Instead I think I woke up maybe one or two other times and I was finally starting to go down. No pump issues I guess. As usual, diabetes has to be a royal pain and a mystery and make no sense whatsoever and just mess things up.
 See the dip and then rise  above the12 am mark?That's the beginning of my fabulous night.

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