Thursday, March 27, 2014

Continuation: T1D, PCOS, Hypothyroid....& A Tiny Human???

Elation, excitement, joy, tears, relief…. All things I felt at the end of my lunch break yesterday when my doctor’s office called me right as I was about to walk back into work. After getting off the phone I couldn’t help but break down crying. I apparently didn’t realize just how anxious I’ve been. I could have cried way more but had to go back to work. What did the nurse say that would cause all of this?


My BFF said she doesn’t think she has ever been so excited for ovulation before. No joke!

 As I wrote about here, it’s been a rough go of things. After almost a month now of trying to get correct test results on my hormone levels I received those on Monday. They are fine. Last week after I got a positive ovulation test both Tuesday and Wednesday I called the doctor, nurse said to get blood drawn  the day before yesterday, Tuesday, to confirm if I had or had not in fact ovulated. With the way things have gone trying to get test results over the last couple of weeks I had honestly not given it much thought that I’d hear anything yesterday. I was trying to have faith but at the same time trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to hear that I had not ovulated. Once I heard the news from the nurse and got off the phone I really had never expected to break down like I did. But it was such a huge thing lifted off of me. I am able to ovulate!!! With a little help, it happened! Praise God! I have no idea when my next cycle should be starting since I’ve been so irregular and I had to get a different phone and my old phone had an app that I tracked everything in so I really and truly can’t even remember my last period was for sure. Hmmmm…. Well…. I’m wondering if I’m going to start next week because BGs Monday, yesterday and this afternoon have been a jerk face. I’m trying to keep at bay, now that I know I did ovulate, any fears that if I am pregnant what these craptastic BGs would be doing to a little person developing. Between reading “Balancing Pregnancy and Pre-Existing Diabetes” and now “Think Like A Pancreas” and knowing that so many woman have had healthy pregnancies and babies without the help of insulin pumps and CGMs and top perfect A1Cs’, I’m trying to just not think about what a few crazy highs could possibly do. Now that I know that this baby thing is even more of a reality of happening I think it’s time to crack down even more on myself and really get to watching what I eat and looking at patterns and what certain foods do to my BGs. I have to admit, I’ve slacked off a bit, but must not be a slacker no more! 
P.S. Yesterday was our 3 year wedding anniversary, this is such a great anniversary gift!!! I think that the only thing I may ever be more excited about in my life is a positive pregnancy test. EEEEEKKKKK........

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