Thursday, March 6, 2014

Endo Search... Will it end?

I finally had a new endo appointment yesterday and not really sure how I feel about her….

What I liked about her:

 I didn’t spend two hours at the office with the first 20-30 minutes in the waiting room, 10 minutes with a nurse and 10-15 with the doctor and the rest in the exam room or hall way waiting to be seen. That was how it was every time at my old endo’s. Her staff was all very friendly and helpful. I got to my appointment 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and didn’t even sit there the full 15 before being called back. Nurse did her thing and then the doctor came in within 5 minutes to see me. She was very friendly and detailed, she communicates with her patients via email she said and will respond after hours including weekends. Ok, that’s pretty cool as long as it’s true. She did a very thorough physical exam which my old doc never did. I was there for about an hour and a half and she spent  95% or so of that time with me. Maybe because I’m a new patient and because she asked a ton of questions and input lots of information into the computer, maybe she wouldn’t always spend so much time with me, I don’t know.   She sounds like she really knows what she is talking about regarding my thyroid and Diabetes Insipidus (DI) issues as well and will treat me for the DI and I can stop seeing the nephrologists once a year.

Don’t like AT ALL…

 When I told her that before having my Dexcom CGM that I checked my BG 10+ times a day on average and now that I have it it’s a bit more like 6 or so times a day that I check she called me “a bit obsessive compulsive” and that I’m letting "diabetes overrun" my life. I need to step back and enjoy my life, not obsess over numbers.
  She wasn’t thrilled with my basal rates that my CDE at my perinatologist set, she thinks they are wrong and wants to do a 12 hour basal test where I eat breakfast at 6:30am and skip lunch and snacks, drinking only water and eat dinner at 6:30pm. I don’t think that’s a good idea while trying to get pregnant….
  She made me feel awful about my carb counting abilities and when I talked about SWAGing (scientific wild a** guess) said I need to stop SWAGing and start eating meals where there is no guessing. (I don’t do prepackaged/boxed anything, most things are from scratch with the exception of breads and tortillas and of course pasta and rice.) She also said that I’m not eating enough carbs. I need to eat more than my normal average of 90-130 carbs for all three meals combined.
  I’ll give it to her, that maybe I need to stop overriding what my pump says on how much insulin I need, she didn’t like at all how much I tend to override my pump, but I feel like I know my body pretty well and don’t quite trust the machine as much as I should.
  When she saw graphs from my pump, she really wouldn’t look at anything on my Dexcom graphs even though the nurse printed them out, she didn’t like any of the highs and lows and when she asked about them she didn’t like that I couldn’t remember what I had eaten or activates I had done 24hours before those rises and dips. She straight up told me that if I can’t remember what I did 24 hours before the high or low she can’t help me get things corrected. Really?!!! She was asking about things from a month ago!


 I like eating the amount of carbs that I consume. I've seen both a CDE and a nutritionist who specialized in type 1 and both are pretty happy with my diet. I don't know if she is thinking in terms of diet for pregnancy, but if that's the case it hasn't happened yet. I'm sure once it does I'll want to consume everything in sight! As I write this the more I think that this doctor is just not a good fit for me. Then again, yesterday morning was very stressful and I was pretty emotional already by the time I got to the appointment. I had already spent the morning at another doctor’s office for some not really “D” related but kinda related things. (That’s another posting that I’m working on, diabetes of course always comes into play even when it doesn't.) Work’s health insurance just switched over and Anthem doesn’t have their act together yet so things were a mess at the first doctor’s office and I had to leave without getting blood work done. I had taken a half day at work to go to both docs in the morning and I’m so grateful that work was understanding about the issues with insurance and all these dumb appointments. They even said that when I go back to get blood drawn I’ll get paid for that hour I’m gone. Who does that?! That’s a sigh of relief! I know I’m a case and a half of crazy emotions lately due to serious stress so maybe I’m blowing it all out of proportion. I did schedule a 3 month appointment, I have paperwork to get yearly labs that I want to get done since it has been a year and I need to get my A1C done as well. I’m sick of being me and what my body is causing me to go through. I'm trying oh so hard not to let diabetes and everything else with my body make me feel defeated, but it's so dang hard! Someone want to trade bodies? Not forever, I just need a break.

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  1. Sending you hugs...there is a DEFINITE adjustment period in communicating with Health Care Providers. You kind of have to learn how to speak their language, just like they have to learn yours; it's just another part of the process. It sounds like the good outweighs the bad...Here's hoping you guys mesh well, and that you're comfortable with her!!!