Friday, September 27, 2013

Special Kinda Man

It takes a special kina man……………(or woman)


To be a husband, wife or someone who is close to a T1D on a daily basis it takes a special kind of person.


It takes a man who is patient, a man who is kind

It takes a man who will listen, and is willing to learn

A man who pays attention and notices details

It takes a man who is willing to make multiple stops during a bike ride
for BG testing and glucose tab eating

It takes a man that will step in and take over dinner prep/making when
wifey gets confused and goofy from a low

It takes a special man who is willing to stay in or go home early because
his wife is suffering from a bad low hangover or a nasty high that just won’t drop

It take a special kind of man to deal with his wife going low during “special married people time”

A man who will deal with the emotional side of T1D, the water works and occasional break downs

It takes a special man to offer to get up in the middle of the night to get a low snack or juice box

A man who can take the “cranky” “mean” lows

Who will laugh when he wakes up in the morning because he is covered from head to toe
in test strips because “someone” was half asleep and low while testing in bed in the middle of the
night and didn’t realize the entire opened bottle of strips didn’t make it back into their case

It takes a special kind of man, one who will obsessively look on EBay for test strips at a lower cost
than going through the insurance/pharmacy companies and find 600 for only .27ea!!!! (that’s unheard of by the way)

It takes a man who actually measures out food portions when he is the one making dinner

It takes a special kind of man to know it’s important how many carbs and not sugar are in the juice
boxes he is buying for his wife

It takes a man who reminds his wife during her break downs that he knew about what he was
getting into with her T1D when he married her and he loves her anyway and will continue to do so

A man who will stop her from eating the entire pantry/refrigerator contents when low

Or tell her to check again when she is low because the reading on the meter seems way off

It takes a special kind of man to deal with the financial aspects

It takes a special kind of man that is willing to give up Ted Drew’s Frozen custard after dinner and have a healthier less BG crazy banana chocolate shake instead (Recipe below)

I have that special kind of man

This is my man, the one I am blessed to have

I think I’ve mentions my new favorite ice cream/frozen custard substitute in other posts. This does not seem to wreck havoc on my numbers and I seem to do pretty well. I know some other T1’s have issues with bananas so it’s up to you. It tastes a lot like a Wendy’s  Frosty, it helps to cut the craving and it’s healthy!


1 Frozen banana

1 cup of plain unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 tbl spoon of cocoa powder

1 tbl spoon ground flax seed or chia seeds

8-10 ice cubes


Mix in blender until well blended and the consistency that you prefer. Pretty much the only carbs you have to worry about are from the banana. Cocoa powder has none and if you get the correct almond milk there is maybe 1 gram of carb. Check the flax or chia seeds first too, because they don’t seem to affect me, but I think there might me enough fiber that you would need to calculate that as a factor when bolusing. I’ve done this so many times now I just know the units of insulin I need to cover it, and no spikes like I would with any other frozen treat!

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