Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Problems With Being A Woman...........

If you are a dude reading this, you may want to turn back now….. Otherwise proceed with reading at your own risk of TMI.

Diabetes and being a woman, dang it sucks! Since being on the pump my CDE has tried to help me figure out what we need to do about basal rate settings for when it’s around the time of my special visitor. Problem is, I’m not even close to being on a regular schedule so that is pretty much impossible. Over the last two weeks or more I’ve been running on the low side, no matter what I eat I’ve been on average under 150, not that I’m complaining. If I’ve had any highs it’s because of my own dumb fault, like eating ice cream. That will jack me up into the 200-300’s but not for more than several hours. Now that my visitor decided to finally show up on Tuesday things haven’t really changed. It’s been a rough one too because of some meds my doctor put me on, and this morning I bottomed out. It was really scary, I’m amazed I haven’t suffered too bad from a low hangover. Not more than an hour or two anyway.  I was trying to explain something to our IT guy, who is totally ADD and not getting it as I kept saying that I didn’t know, that I wasn’t quite with it,  that I couldn’t concentrate. Internally I remember trying really hard not to have a spastic freak out, but I was afraid that the gummy bears were not kicking in and that I would pass out or that I was about to start blubbering like a 5 year old that wasn’t getting their way. It was after our IT guy left me that it really felt like it was getting worse, even though it was on the upward climb so I was okay, but not feeling it yet, that another co-worker who asked me about going on break realized I wasn’t doing so hot. For once I admitted that I wasn’t and asked him not to leave me alone in our department because no one else was there. He asked me a few hours later how I was, which I was fine by then, but he said I freaked him out. I think this is the first time a co-worker has seen me “scary”. He said that I was pale, my eyes had this weird glassy look and I was responding weird or delayed. Yup, that sounds about right. Needless to say, I have been pretty quiet today and kept to myself with that awful low and evil PMS, I have been ready to get home and not have to try and act okay.  I don’t know why sometimes I can be at a 46 like I was and not even feel it and then other times I can be 65 and feel that way. Oh wait, maybe because test strips and meters are not accurate!!! Anyway, I hate freaking people out and I hate the attention I get for it! I almost feel like the PMS heightened the low? I don’t know, does that happen??? But then I hear that the “visitor” can bring the highs along with it?  I don’t know how to figure it out when my body is so messed up and seems to hate me and not be on a regular schedule. I also decided today, that I think work places should give us women 2-3 sick days each month in order for us to entertain our monthly “visitor”. I’m just sayin!



  1. yep, sounds familiar... I've found (and some others from what I've read) is that insulin resistance usually kicks in the week before getting your period due to progesterone increasing. Then within a few days, the resistance will pass due to the estrogen coming back up and progesterone going down. My morning basals (and morning/lunch boluses) need to increase the week before, and then be returned to "normal" (whatever that is) that about 2 days after getting my period. I know you mentioned that you're not regular, but it's possible maybe you see some insulin resistance in the week leading up to it?? Good luck - I know it's such a pain :)

  2. I'm sorry you had such a crappy low, and at work too - but I'm glad there were co-workers around to keep an eye on you and keep you safe. That time of month really sucks - woman-wise and diabetes-wise!! :(