Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Need A Name

I'm reaching out to my fellow DBloggers. I'm creating my own team for the JDRF walk thats coming up the 6th of October and I need a team name. I'm awful at coming up with things like that. I think it could be kinda catchy to use my last name, Panke, but anything that I think of is too long or lame. Panke with a dead pancreas; Insuficiant pancreas Panke.... just seem too long. It doesn't really have to have my last name. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for the walk I'd welcome those as well. I've never been to the JDRF walk and I'm really not sure what to expect or how to go about fund raising. Between family, friends and co-workers I think I'll have about ten people on my team and that seems pretty good to me with this being my first time and all. I've done my share of walks, I've done the Koman Race For A Cure, there is one that I do yearly for a local girls home. So I know how they generally work, but I've never raised funds before. I've always just paid the registration fee and given a donation.

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  1. Aww good luck coming up with a name! I wasn't very creative with my team name and just went with my name :-P