Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hockey game, security and wands

Hockey is back baby!!! A coworker gave me tickets for the preseason opener Friday night. It was a great night! Hubs and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then met up at the arena with his cousin and his wife. Lines were out the door long, but moving pretty quickly. I've been to plenty of baseball games, there have never been metal detectors or wands so I gave security no thought until we got close to the head of the line. Security was checking everyone out with metal detecting wands. Great! We were told to remove anything metal from our purces so as I was trying to take things like keys, make up brush, compact mirror, purse table holder and the like out of my  Mary Poppins bag my husband who was ahead of me was telling security they couldn't wand me, I have an insulin pump. Security dude in our line waved over the security lady in the line next to ours and told her to check my purse and pat me down, don't wand me. So as she is taking the extra time, (maybe it only seemed longer because of the attention I was getting), patting me down and closely inspecting (ok maybe just glancing), I'm my purse, people are starting to stare and the head security chick is trying to yell at her above the crowd that there is really no need to pat me down, just check my purse. I'm sure it didn't take as long as it felt and I sure am glad I didn't know ahead of time about the metal detectors or I would have been a nervous stress ball all day/evening before hand thinking about and wondering if security and hubby would get into a fight about my pump, me jumping in or crying out of frustration. Thankfully none of the scenarios I would have possibly thought of in my mind even came close to happening and I had no chance really of even thinking of those scenarios. Security was curtious and made no big deal. Now I just pray no issues with TSA or anything next month. I do plan to try out the TSA Cares program that I've read about among the DOC. Flying and airports make me nervous anyway, now having this pump..... I'm so tempted to take a pumpcation while on vacation.

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  1. Hugs!! I always stress out about TSA too, but it's really never been bad. I just tell them I can't do the full body scanner and need a pat down instead. Sometimes they try to tell me I can go through the scanner, but I just politely say that my medical device company says not to and I'd like a pat down please. Just stand your ground and stay friendly and you will be just fine! And yes, use the TSA Cares program, which should make things so easy!