Friday, April 19, 2013

I’m trying ever so hard to be positive, but it’s really hard sometimes. One of my biggest complaints about the pump is how hard, awkward and uncomfortable it is to wear with dresses. Growing up mom always put me in dresses for Sunday school and I hated them! Especially as I got a little older, maybe close to 4th or 5th grade. When I was in 2nd grade we started going to a charismatic non denominational church and hardly any of the other girls in my Sunday school class wore dresses. I was the only one, and it sucked! Finally around the 4th or 5th grade she stopped making me wear the dreaded things.  I’m not sure when it happened, but some time in my early to mid twenties I started to like wearing them again. A lot! In the summer mainly because I hate shorts with a passion. Shorts are too short, not as airy, ride up the crack and all that good stuff. Sun dresses are just so nice, but I’m not sure how nice they will be this year, the first summer with my pump. I may have to learn to like shorts. That’s such a sad thing to me! All my pretty, fun dresses just hanging in my closet! What a tragedy!  But the few times I’ve worn a dress in the last couple of months with my electronic pancreas it’s been a royal pain and it’s not even hot and sticky outside yet. I either have to try and maneuver it in my bra somehow, clip it to the top of my tights, or wear this nylon/spandex thigh thing that I wear to bed that has kind of a garter strap that hooks from it to my underwear.  None of those options are necessarily comfortable especially for an extended amount of time. Imagine any of those options on a hot, sticky, humid summer day and that’s even more unappealing! Eeeerrrr……. I’ll be in a dress for a bridal shower tomorrow for most of the day. So far I have found that clipping my pump to my bra is the most comfortable place, but totally inconvenient when it’s time to bolus, as well as when I forget that I set the alarm to tell me to check my BG after a meal and all of the sudden it starts to vibrate inside my dress right between my boobs. Uck!  So, I just may be saying good bye to my dresses and hello to shorts. This is the total female in me coming out because, well…….. I don’t really have any summer tops that go well with shorts, I’m more of a jeans kinda girl if I’m not wearing a dress in the summer. What to do, oh what to do!!!

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