Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

St. Louis is FINALLY getting spring I believe!!! Yay! I tend to go through fazes where I work out, then just don't keep up with it. Last year at the beggining of the year I did really well, prob stuck with it for a good six month but then I wasn't seeing any results, (due to a hypothyroid I had no idea I had.) so I guess I just gave up. Well now it's warming up out side, and Brad just bought me a taser recently, so now I'm walking two miles a few times a week. It may not be Insanity or P90X but it's somthing right? And why is the taser an encouragement to walk you might ask? Because I don't care where you live there are crazies and freaks out there and I want to be able to protect myself. Below is a picture from my walk today. It was gorgeous out! This year I'm totally doing the JDRF walk which I think is in October maybe and I'm pretty pumped already!

So, appointment with the dietitian..... It went pretty well. I'm not as uneducated as I thought. I did learn a few things but it was mainly really encouraging. Another person that helped me realize all the worries, emotion and all of it are normal. Talked to Debbie again on Wednesday and she adjusted somethings on my pump. Before it was always getting frustrated because of highs, now last few days I have been getting low a lot therefore I feel like I'm eating like a pregnant woman at times. Ok, well just another bump in the road. I just read an article today that explained things about being T1D better than I can. Check it out.

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