Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making My Head Spin

All my messed up hormones, due to the Letrozole which is the ovulation medicine, are really screwy. I know it’s only the first full month that I’ve gone through cycle changes but it’s putting a cramp in my style. I emailed Deb, my CDE this morning because I didn’t know if I should keep things as is on my pump or change some settings around. On the 7th I had changed the settings back to pre-insulin resistance. Then on the 10th and 11th I seemed to be going high a lot more than I was comfortable with so I changed it all back. Saturday morning things were great despite going to brunch with some girlfriends and having a 16oz cappuccino and a blue berry crepe, (worth every unit of insulin!).  In the afternoon it was a beautiful day out, I did some pretty intense yard work getting our garden beds ready and planting potatoes and onions. I had set my pump basal setting down to deliver only 60% of my normal basal insulin and I still went low enough throughout the afternoon that I ate two packs of fruit snacks and a juice box over the course of 4 hours. Sunday morning I had a small low and the rest of the day I was fine. Sunday late night into early Monday AM I ran pretty high but that was because I broke my own rule that I set of not eating ice-cream after 6pm. I had ice-cream at around 8pm and paid for it by having Lexie alert me with her alarms (my Dexcom CGM) through the course of the night that I was high and not coming down no matter how many corrections or temporary basals I set. Around breakfast I went low so I changed my morning settings to pre-insulin resistance and left everything else and the rest of the day was okay. This morning I was low an hour before I had to get out of bed and then an hour after breakfast. This all led me to emailing Deb because I just can’t wrap my head around all this stupidity of back and forth and I just can’t keep it all straight. She emailed me back telling me to go back to the pre-insulin resistant settings in my pump. There is also a way to put in two different sets of basal rates in my pump, which is listed as pattern A and pattern B, which I didn’t know about and is pretty darn cool. I’m not sure if all pumps have this capability or not, but it’s pretty nice to have that option, so I now have my pre-insulin resistant settings under pattern A which will be used for a week or two after my cycle and then and insulin resistance time under pattern B which will be for maybe the other 3 or so weeks? I think… this is all such a guessing game it seems like. I really didn’t notice what my BGs would do when I was on the pill and for those first 6 or so months after. I know there is a pattern, I just have yet to really find it and figure it out. All this makes my head spin. As if there isn’t enough to keep track of with “D”, now there is this added “bonus”. It’s no wonder I’m miss forgetful all the time and hubby is always having to help me remember things. My small little brain can only contain so much.

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