Thursday, April 10, 2014

BIG Accomplishments!!!

I feel like I have climbed the top of a mountain and conquered it!!! This is a first in what feels like forever. I’ve been feeling pretty down and defeated lately so this feeling is amazing! I feel like I’m really smiling on the inside for once. I know that other than my hubby and another diabetic or someone else that deals with a chronic illness they won’t understand what I’m feeling right now. I’m on top of the world!!!

 Last night I went to a group for T1D women at the local JDRF office. I went once last summer and just haven’t been back. Between vacation last summer, busyness , sickness, weather and just downright laziness/introvertness kicking in I haven’t been back. I’m so glad I went last night, I’m really going to try and go on a regular basis. I talked a lot to the two women sitting next to me, I hope to connect more with the others on another occasion, but the two ladies that I did spend the most time talking to were great. A lot of the women there see two endos out of the same practice at Washington University’s School of Medicine Diabetes Research Center and they all seem to love both doctor’s and raved about them. I had heard about them before, but hadn’t put much thought into trying to get into see either of them because I figured they would take FOREVER to try and get into. After talking to these ladies they encouraged me to try and get in to see one of these endos. Both of these women have seen both my first endo and the one that I just saw for the first time last month that did not give me the warm fuzzies on the inside. Since I was still undecided about this new endo I just saw I hadn’t really tried to find someone else but after talking to these ladies, this doc is apparently awful! I went home and looked on my insurance website and both docs are in network! Yay! Then I called this morning and made an appointment for July 8th! That was easier and much sooner than I expected. I turned around and called and canceled my appointment with the endo that told me at my one and only appointment with her that “a bit obsessive compulsive now aren’t we about checking your blood sugar. You need to cut down on that and stop letting diabetes rule your life”. In your face lady! You won’t be seeing me again. There is something liberating about canceling certain doctor’s appointments. When I told the two girls last night about the comment above from the doctor they about fell out of their chairs, but at the same time were not surprised. One of them used the word vindictive when referring to how she can be. Yeah, no thank you, I don’t need a vindictive doctor.

Second reason that I feel like a big feat has been struck down….

Last night when I got on my insurance website the first thing listed on the page was claims for the last month, and they were ugly! As of the 7th they were all processed and it showed what I owe, I just about barfed! I knew that it couldn’t be correct but yet I had a really hard time sleeping seeing that for the ultrasound/endo appointment/1 box of infusion sets/1 box of sensors = $1,088.00!!!! What the heck! For one box of sensors it said I owed $782.00 and that the one box of infusion sets were $96.00. I called my insurance company this morning and got the nicest lady EVER! I didn’t know it was possible to get someone at an insurance company that was so helpful and nice. When I even told her that she said she just treats people like her neighbor, her BFF and that she’ll do everything in her power to help. I’ve never had that. She went over everything and explained things in plain English and then when we got to the $782.00 charge she looked into that more and found that the durable medical equipment company had processed insurance incorrectly. She kept me on the line and called to get things straightened out. Long story short, due to a mess up on the DME (durable medical equipment) company’s end they are canceling the charges completely and I will not be paying for the 1 box of sensors at all!!! I need to look into possibly going with a different DME company to get supplies for my pump and Dexcom because apparently the $96.00 charge is sticking and they can’t do anything about it. Carry, the very helpful lady at Anthem, said that another DME co that is in network is better than the one that I have been using and quite possibly my costs could be lower going with them and I might be able to get pump supplies from them as well instead of going through Medtronic. I’m praying that’s the case, so we shall see. But these two things are big enough triumphs for the day that makes things a bit brighter.





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