Friday, August 8, 2014

Sometimes It Just Happens

Last night was rough a night. I’m super sleepy today. I’m not sure what it’s like for a Type 2 diabetic, but for a Type 1 who is trying ever so hard to keep a great A1C, night times can be really rough. With or without a CGM. I’d had the same sensor on for yesterday being day 8. I was hoping to get to at least 10 but it had been pretty off all day yesterday on top of the fact that the adhesive was extra itchy, more than usual. I had dinner, watched a show and then jumped in the shower. I had my Dexcom on the bathroom cabinet shelf and it never made a peep. While in the shower I started to feel really weird. I’ve been struggling more and more with hypoglycemia unawareness so I rely on my Dexcom. So as soon as I got out of the shower I checked my BG right away. Dexcom said I was 90 something with a slight arrow down and although a lot of times I could still even out and not drop I thought I had better check anyway. Holy canolie!  I’m so glad I did because I had dropped to 48! As soon as I saw the number 48 I could feel the low hit full on. Maybe it’s a mind thing since I was only kinda feeling it before seeing that number, but I tell you what, it was a bad one! I drank more juice than usual and waited. After 15 minutes the juice was doing it’s job and I was up to 80. 15 minutes after that I was up to 91. I decided it was time to change sensors, which sucked to do so at 9pm because I had hoped to be asleep by 10:30 at the latest and since I was changing the sensor I knew that meant it would be after 11:30 before falling asleep since I had to wait the 2 hour warm up period for my sensor to jive with my body before I could enter in my BGs and then once that happened I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep right away, I never do. So I stay up and 11pm or so comes around and I check.  I enter in my BG twice to the Dexcom, my meter said 120 the first time and 126 the second time. It showed on my Dexcom receiver screen 118 with 2 double down arrows. Wonderful! So I laid in bed trying to decide what to do next, do I drink more juice to keep from another icky low and take that chance of a nasty high because I’m going to even out in the 90’s or 80’s and then climb again after the juice is consumed or do I wait it out to see if I even out in the 90’s or 80’s and be fine for the night? I waited it out, and I’m glad I did because after I finally feel asleep close to midnight with a true reading of 120 BG I was woke up a could hours later by my Dexom saying I was 155. I checked, it was wrong again, I was 130 something, I took a correction bolus and went back to sleep. A couple hours later I was woken up again that I was 268! What the heck?! I checked again and in reality I was 155. I corrected and never actually went any higher. I think all in all I was woken up 4 times by the alarms of having gone high and really I wasn’t that bad. Today, this new sensor has still be pretty off. I know it takes maybe 24 hours or so to get more accurate readings but this is getting really annoying! I’m really sleepy, did I mention that? I know I’ve had worse bad BG nights, but it’s been  a while and it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog posting. I figured it’s time. Summer has been crazy busy, not sure that things are going to slow down anytime soon. Diabetes is a pain as usual. Some days are better than others but it is what it is. I know that it’s Friday but I think I may make it an early to bed night tonight if at all possible. I want my pillow!

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