Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Target Lows

When I get lows in public, Target seems to be the worst place for it!

 For lunch today I had a leftover fried buffalo chicken salad. I had gone out to dinner with some girls friends last night for a birthday and when I’d had the salad last night I climbed up to 199 and didn’t come down for a few hours. That swaging didn’t go so well and it didn’t go so well today either. I estimated the carbs higher than last night hoping to avoid the highs, especially since I was above 170 most of the morning. Well, I avoided the highs alright. I ate my salad at about 11:45 and by 12:20 I had gone down to 62. I drank a juice box, gave it 15, checked and I was 95. Great! So I left work for my 30 minute break and drove across the street to Target. When I was on my way out the door my supervisor said he was heading there shortly himself. So I get my shopping done and get in line. There were only 2 lines open and as usual both are stupid long. I choose the line that had the register that was open in the front and my supervisor was ahead of me by 2 people. Since I could tell I was going to be late by a few minutes back to work I texted one of the girls in my department to let her know I would be late. I had set my basket on the closed register belt next to me so I could text my co-worker and right after I sent the text I started to get hot. Really HOT, like dripping down my back with sweat hot. Then came the shakiness and foggy head. While I was trying to comprehend that a bad low was hitting a Target employee came up to the register that my basket was sitting on and he opened the register and started ringing my stuff out. From what I remember I swear he had said “Hi, how are you today?” and that I had responded with “Good thanks, how are you?”. I’m not sure that’s really what happened because he turned around and asked me again how I was, at least I think he did. At that point I just didn’t answer and acted like I didn’t hear him because really, I was having a tough time comprehending what was being said and what was going on and wondering what I had already responded with originally and how quickly I could get a sugary substance into my mouth. I just wanted to get out of there. I made my way to my hot car as quickly as I could praying in my fogginess I’d make it. I got in my car, blasted the air and sucked down a juice box as I checked my BG. I was 65. Not as low as I thought so I was really surprised, and Lexie hadn't warned me. She was saying I was 81. It was after sitting in my car a few minutes that she finally alerted me to a low.


It was a lovely afternoon of lows as you can see from Lexie’s screen, and yes I did confirm with finger sticks before shoving food in my face. It took the two juice boxes after lunch, a granola bar, a couple pieces of brownie brittle and a spoonful of peanut butter for me to finally get myself out of the afternoon valleys.

 I  know that after I paid and was starting to walk away the lady in front of me that had been waiting before me in the original line I had been in was pissed. She was not one of those nice people who have a cart full of stuff and then see that the person behind has 5 items and lets them go first. She was being snippy about the Target employee not asking who was next or the fact that I didn’t speak up and let her go first even though she had a cart full of crap and I had 5 items. I do remember hearing part of that and that’s what my supervisor told me when I got back to work. He thought it was funny that people can get so irritated, and I apologized and explained what had happened . I did feel bad, I felt like I had cut several people off but when a girls got a low hitting then a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do even if that means coming across as rude. If it comes to saving my own life or sparing someone else feelings over my rudeness I’ll choose to be rude if I have to. Sorry lady, my life depended on it.   

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