Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday’s 5! A Day/Week In the Life of A Pumping/CGM Using T1 (Oopsies!)

Friday’s 5! A Day/Week In the Life of A Pumping/CGM Using T1 (Oopsies!)
1.       So this really happened. At work the other day my pump tubing got caught around the bathroom stall door handle (this happened only 1 other time maybe last summer, although it has gotten caught around other door handles) and I didn’t realize it until it yanked out a brand new infusion site that I had just put in a few hours earlier. Since I had done the replacement at work on my lunch break I didn’t have a back up infusion set therefore I had to run home and change it. I had 2 hours of work left and couldn’t go that amount of time without insulin. Thank God for understanding coworkers and living close enough to work I could make it home and back in about 30 minutes.
2.       When I got home and put another site in I must have hit a blood vessel because the cannula immediately filled up with blood. It took me a minute to decide if I wanted to chance it or see if I would still get insulin through it, but then decided against it. When I pulled out the blood filled site it gushed like a geyser.  Even I was pretty grossed out. That was a first. Nothing like going through and throwing away 2 brand new infusion sites in just a couple hours.
3.       It’s been 6 months since starting on a CGM and after 6 months it’s recommended to order a new transmitter because the battery starts to die. Well the last two sensors that I’ve worn have not been up to par for me. At the same time, the last two have also bled when I put them in. Now this third one did not bleed when I put it in and the readings have been holding pretty steady with my finger sticks. I guess maybe it’s because of the bleeding that the other two were not as accurate? I kind of wish I would have realized that before ordering a new transmitter, then again I’d rather have a new transmitter before this one gives out I guess.
4.       When I had talked to hubby the other day about ordering the new transmitter I had given him the cost of what it looked like it would be before meeting my health insurance deductable. Well guess what! I met my deductable! In 3 months I met it due to all the pump/CGm supplies. Now we are at the 80/20% of costs. I wonder how long or if we will meet my out of pocket. That’s a pretty huge chunk of change.
5.       This one is for diabetics in general. Why is it that I can eat the exact same thing two days in a row and both days the way blood sugars react are completely different? I know that there are a ton of variables that are practically impossible to calculate to figure this out…Two days this week I had turkey bacon, spinach, avocado and light mayo on whole wheat bread for lunch. On the first day my blood sugars went straight up and hung out close to 200 for a little bit. Then the next day I had the same exact thing and they dropped not even an hour after eating so I had to turn around and eat a pack of fruit snacks.  2 hours later I ate a handful of grapes. I did give 1 extra unit of insulin since I was high after the same thing the day before because I have a feeling the nutrition label on the bread may not be accurate, but really???

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. I basically eat the same thing everyday (minus dinner) and I never have two consistent days in a row of my blood sugars behaving the same way, darn diabetes!