Monday, July 7, 2014

BBQ, Fireworks and Too Much or Too Little Food & Activity?

Friday, the 4th of July was a weird roller coaster of a day for my BGs. I’m having a heck of a time lately getting things to be even for any amount of time it seems like. At least even in the way I’d like. I’m either high for hours or low for hours. I’m on the verge of trying to see if it will help if I start doing much lower carb meals, although I really don’t feel I eat a huge amount of carbs at any of my meals or snacks anyway..... My morning on the 4th I woke up within range, after breakfast I climbed a little higher than I would have liked and then early afternoon I was hanging out higher than I ever like to be. Between 170-200 range. Did plenty of correction bolusing and temp basals and couldn’t come down. Went to a BBQ and ate some appetizers around 4 because I was starving because I had missed lunch, I pre-bolused and that didn’t do anything. We ate dinner around 6:30, I pre-bolused then as well, waited the 15-20 minutes to eat and still didn’t seem to want to drop below 160. Not long after dinner I decided to walk the mile with my hubby and his cousin over to see his aunt and uncle’s new house that they were working on. I knew that the walk would do me good. By the time we got there I had dropped to 60. I ate a pack of fruit snacks, my hubby’s cousin’s wife gave a us a ride back to the house were we had been for the BBQ. When we got back I was still running a little low. We were going to be walking 2 ½ or so miles to the city’s main park were the big 4th of July fair was going on. Since I knew we had a bit to walk just to get to the park and then once we got there we would have a bit to walk to get to where the fair was and for a good spot to see the fireworks I ate a piece of cake and did not take any insulin for it. I was afraid that I would regret the no insulin later, yet at the same time between my low sticking and know I was about to walk a lot I decided to chance it without the insulin. I’m glad I did because I stayed low. Having highs that I could not get rid of all afternoon sucked and then that night being low and not coming up was just a pain. During the walk to the park I had to have a juice box and a pack of fruit snacks and even then a couple hours later when the fireworks were ending I was 60 again. I had another juice box and a pack of fruit snacks both one right after the other in hopes that would bring me up knowing I had another long walk ahead of me. We started walking and after a few minutes I had to tell Brad I just couldn’t do it. We walked off the side of the path and sat down on the grass. One of the cousins in the group, she is a nurse and she was not feeling good about me walking the entire way back, and neither was I. There had been cops in golf carts all over the place all night so she suggested that they would walk to the security check point not too far away and she would get a golf cart to come pick us up and take us to the shuttle and her hubby and some of the others would make the walk home and he would get the car and come pick us up from the shuttle drop off point. Brad and I waited it out and I did the whole wait 15, check and if no sign of going up eat more sugar. I had just checked before they got back and I was only at 60. They came back with a lady who was with the fair security and she was asking me all kinds of questions that were confusing me. Come to find out, they couldn’t get a golf cart to come to our area, they were all in the main area of the park trying to usher people out, all they could back to us was an ambulance! No way was I having an ambulance come get me when I was fairly with it and not on the verge of passing out. She was very nice, she seemed to understand a little bit of how diabetes works, but even though I was fairly clear headed I was in no mind to really get into how much she knew. After a few minutes I checked again and I had dropped again to 53. I’m not sure how long we sat there waiting and checking, eating fruit snacks and waiting and checking. I thought I had over done it by bringing 2 juice boxes and 6 packs of fruit snacks, but thanks God I had all of that! I needed it. When I finally was able to start walking again I think I was in the 80’s. I had a bad feeling that all the sugar was going to finally hit and I’d end up high all night, so even though we did get to a shuttle we didn’t take one that would take us directly to the place we needed to get picked up from. When the shuttle dropped us off I was 121 and my Dexom showed a straight up arrow. At that point as tired I was from the BG roller coaster I was glad to have a bit of a walk again hoping I wouldn’t keep rising. Unfortunately I did, I had another rough night of highs, I was in the 170’s all the rest of the night, but as frustrating as that was, I’m very glad that there was no need for that ambulance ride.  

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