Monday, October 21, 2013

Despite Diabetes

We just got back Friday from a family vacation, more on that later. But over the course of the week I thought about a lot of what I've still done despite diabetes.

As I was standing on the beach tonight with the not quite full moon shinning down on the ocean and feeling and listening to the waves and feeling the wet sand beneath my feet this is what came to mind.

Despite diabetes, I am standing barefoot on a beach feeling the waves.
Despite diabetes I am standing here with the love of my life and enjoying this moment.
Despite diabetes I just had two glasses of wine at our favorite bar/restaurant in this vacation spot.
Despite diabetes I shared a chocolate ganache pretzel dessert that was a little peice of heaven with my hubby.
Despite diabetes I am on vacation with my family and loving every minute.
Despite diabetes I drove 4 hours with my family to Key West and saw the southern most point in the United States.
Despite diabetes I sat in bed with my niece and nephew watching cartoons this morning.
Despite diabetes I got to see my sister's wedding ceremony Friday night.
Despite diabetes I still wear fun shoes.
Despite diabetes I am able to work a full time job.
Despite diabetes I am able to drive and do "normal" things.
Despite diabetes I am able to have a social life.
Despite diabetes I will be a mother someday whether children from my own body or adopted it will happen.
Despite diabetes I am living my life in a way that had I been living 100 years ago I wouldn't have lived probably much past my diagnosis.