Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re having a…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



No names yet that we can agree upon so right now I’m calling her my little joy most of the time, if not that then just baby girl.


I know that it’s been a while since I’ve written. Not a whole lot new to tell. I’ve been blessed that I still haven’t have a lot of the normal pregnancy issues. My biggest issue for the last week has been really bad back pain already. I’m carrying her all in the front, belly and boobs and I guess it’s messing with my back already. Between my back hurting and not being able to get comfy in bed, peeing at least 3 times a night and my Dexcom waking me up to alert me to highs and lows I’m not getting the amount of sleep that I should. Which I know is messing with my BGs. But so far I’m thankful I haven’t been as sleepy as I’d have thought. With my back hurting the way it is, and then when I had the cold just a bit before that I’m not getting to go on my walks or work out or do yoga the way I had hoped to continue during pregnancy. We’ve also been incredibly busy around the house between getting Brad’s office moved to the basement and turning that into her nursery and then at the same time renovating the bathroom. Although I haven’t really been able to help with any of that, between going to look at and pick up items for the bathroom in the evenings and trying to stay on top of house work I’m having a hard time trying to find time to attempt yoga or anything anyway. I think it would help my back a lot and my BGs…. Which leads to the next subject.   I’m already starting to head into the insulin resistance part of my pregnancy. That’s been a whole lot of fun. I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow, so half way there if not more already! Depending on if she comes early or not. It’s flying by! Between an infection and a cold I had a few weeks back at first I wasn’t sure if I was already developing insulin resistance until my doctor discovered the infection via blood/urine test and then the following week I developed a cold.  After that I seemed to be in the clear for a little bit longer, but about week 17 or so I started noticing higher numbers and my need for more insulin. At times I think it’s not freaking me out the way I thought it would but then there are times like last night as I was laying in bed trying to read and seeing my numbers climb despite the basal rate changes that my CDE made to my evening rates yesterday I tear up and start praying my heart out that these crazy BGs don’t affect baby girl. I try to remember that it’s not the short term high but the long term that will hurt her, but it’s still not pleasant to be going through. With last night and even today’s numbers not being what I want to see I’ll probably be sending my numbers into my CDE again Thursday if not tomorrow. I don’t think that waiting until next Monday will be a good idea. I’m contemplating switching to a low carb diet if I’m going to have real issues with getting things under control. Up until now I’ve been doing really well and had a fantastic A1C. Last month it was 5.6 which was a record for me. Last week when I got blood work done it came back as 5.1!!! That’s amazing and that what I’m trying to hold onto and pray I can continue through the rest of my pregnancy.

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