Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's A Wrap

Everyone is doing a year end review/new year resolutions. I might as well join the train.


What a year, and oh how it flew by! It was a year with lots of curve balls and lots of learning. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already, but February 8th I will have had my insulin pump for a year. February 22nd will be a year since my first consultation with my parenatalogist who has now been acting as my endocrinologist since then. March 13th I met with my T1D BFF for the first time, aka my CDE (certified diabetes educator) who is out of my parenatalologist’s office. Meeting Deb and Dr. Morris has been life changing. I have learned so much from Deb and she has been an essential figure in my self management and getting my body baby ready. Always encouraging and understanding, so very thankful to have had her in my life this year. She is also the reason I decided to dump my original endo and have Dr. Morris act as my endo for now. This was in hopes that I would be pregnant by now and he would be treating me anyway but that has not happened.

 January I was diagnosed with a hypo thyroid which of course diabetics are more likely to develop, but thanks to momma and the genes in her family every woman in her family has it. Why should I feel left out? Although that was incredibly frustrating to have another diagnosis to add to the list of things I have to deal with, it was also a relief. I had all the symptoms but had ignored them. I was only diagnosed because my endo did yearly blood work and always checked for that. I had the awful fatigue, brittle nails, weight gain/bloating, dry skin and possibly other things that I’m forgetting about.

 Back to a good thing from this year. I just started using a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor at the beginning of December! That’s pretty exciting. Lots to learn there, including patience as I watch the graphs. It’s neat to be able to see on a small screen what my blood sugar levels are, it updates every 5 minutes. It’s a tremendous help on getting tight control, getting ahead of the curve and correcting ASAP.

 First time going through airport security with my insulin pump. You can read about both experiences here. They were not the greatest.

 March 26th we celebrated 2 years of marriage. It’s been an adventure, and never ever boring. He is my constant rock and support system. I couldn’t do diabetes, at least not successfully without him.

 I was sucked into the DOC in March after reading an article on Kim @ textingmypancreas.

 I started blogging myself on March 27th.

 July I had the best A1C ever! 5.7 How did that even happen?! I don’t know.

 Non diabetic related, we had a wonderful family vacation on the beach of Florida and did a day road trip, with my sister and brother in law, from Ft. Lauderdale to the Florida Keys which I had never been to before. We were in a beautiful wedding in June, I’d say it was in the top three of beautiful weddings I’ve been in with of course my own being #1! J My sister also got married in November to a great guy who is totally perfect for her weird quirky self. They are great together and always amusing. We had lots of trips to and visits from hubbby’s brother and his family. Love him, his wife and my niece and nephew. I know everyone thinks theirs are the cutest, but I really do think I have the cutes niece and nephew.


New endocrinologist appointment scheduled for March 5th, excited and apprehensive for a new doctor.

Baby? Maybe, we can hope and pray to God that He will bless us with a little rolly polly Panke bug that will make its entrance into our home and arms.

Of course as always aiming for a good A1C and self management.

 A new little niece will be making her appearance sometime in February, so excited for that!

Other than that, we will have to see what 2014 will bring. There were lots of tears and frustrations, laughs and hugs, learning curves and experiences, trips and adventures throughout 2013. Hopefully 2014 will be full of more happy tears, laughter and adventures. Happy new year everyone!

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