Wednesday, December 17, 2014

40 Weeks...Will We Make It

So much has happened in less than a week. Surprisingly diabetes has taken a back seat, for now. When I researched and we prayed about trying for a baby it never occurred to me that any complications would arise during the pregnancy that wouldn't be diabetes related. I wrote a little bit ago about how my blood pressure has been slightly elivated and we were keeping an eye on things. I still have maybe been a little too optimistic or maybe just nieve.

Today I am  32 weeks pregnant, I should have started the NST or baby heart/movement monitoring this week, but I started last week, a week early.  It all started because she had been getting really active and then from that Saturday night to Monday I really didn't feel her enough for my comfort. I called my doc first thing that Monday morning and they had me come in for my first NST session. Baby girl was perfectly fine, just hiding behind my anterior placenta. My blood pressure was high as it had been so the tech took it again at the end of testing and it had barely dropped. She wasn't comfortable just letting me go but my doc was not in the hospital that day so she contacted one of the others out of the practice. That doc said to go ahead and have me schedule another NST later in the week since I was running high. Still I was not thinking much of it and I was totally unprepared for what happened Thursday at that appointment. I went in expecting to maybe have a little elevated BP like I had been, but instead I was just really high. I about flew out of my chair when they told me the number. We checked again after testing was done and I had not dropped enough. My doc happened to be in the testing area at the time so he came over to talk to me. I was still expecting to be sent home or for him to just give me a prescription and send me on my way. Nope, he sent me upstairs to maternity to have my BP and baby's heart monitored and to get blood work done to see if my blood was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. At that point I was still not expecting to be admitted. I did have hubby bring me up an overnight bag just in case. By the time he got to the hospital a few hours later they were admitting me. My BP had come down to what it had been hanging out at the last few weeks, and my blood work didn't show any signs of pre-eclampsia. Of all things my body has to go and be the mystery of course. They had to admit me because my sodium levels were severly low. To the point I could start having seizures at any moment they said. Even though they acted like it was a huge deal and had me somewhat  concerned it still took them another 2-3 hours after admitting me to get the sodium solution hooked up to my IV.  Durring this whole process I can say that baby girl was doing fabulously! They all seemed to be impressed with how well she is doing, so that's a huge releif! She is strong and healthy, Praise God! It's her momma that is making things complicated. On top of all of this I was apparently having contractions that they were surprised I couldn't feel. They were slightly concerned and checked to make sure that I wasn't dialating. Thankfully I wasn't. So by the next morning my sodium levels were good again and my BP was okay enough to let me go, but I was put on house arrest, no more work for the remainder of the pregnancy. I can go to church and Christmas funtions as long as I find a seat, prop my feet up and relax. That news was of course hard to take. I'm not totally confined to the house or the couch/bed, unless I have a day like today, but more on that in a minute. I had my weekley doc appointment yesterday, now with my BP looking as it has we will try to go as far out as we can this pregnancy, but right now he is thinking that he won't let me go past 37 weeks, possibly 36 weeks! Thats only 4-5 weeks away! Not the 7-8 we were hopng for! I could very well have my baby girl in my arms in a month, not cloze to 2. I go to the doc office tomorrow morning and Friday to get steroid injections to make her lungs develope quickly so that she can breath on her own when she comes early. This of course makes me super nervous even tho I know this is done all the time. Today I had planned to take the necessary paperwork to work and then get blood work done to check my sodium levels. Right before I was about to walk out the door I checked my BP and it was really high. I called my doc and left a message. I had just gotten off the phone with the doctor right before I checked my BP. I was told that they are thinking that I need to cut down on my meds that I take for the Diabetes Insipidus, that the meds are causing me to retain water, lower my sodium levels and possibly be causing high blood pressure. So no blood work till Monday so they can see how cutting back the meds is working. I had still planned to drive up to work, but once I saw the high BP I wasn't so sure. I got a call back pretty quickly and was told to lay down, drink water and take it easy and check my BP every couple hours and if it wasn't comimg down the  to call back. I had spent all morning on the phone between scheduling appoitments with my high risk OB and trying to coordinate those with the NST sessions, and going in tomorrow and Friday for the steroid injections on top of trying to bump up my next endo appointment to about when we think 4 weeks after baby arrivle will be as well as trying to get him in touch with my high risk OB about the Diabetes Isipidus. I'm guessing all of that may have stressed me out enough to cause the significant high BP. I really don't know what happened. All I know is that all this feels pretty overwhelming at times, and I'm praying and hoping that cutting my meds down cause significant enough changes in BP that baby girl can stay in the oven longer. We'll see how things go with the steroids as well. I've been warned by my doc that those will throw my blood sugars high for about  week or so. Just in time for Christmas. At least little girl is staying active and I'm feeling her movements.  I love that!  Stay tuned.....


  1. Hi Jessi, thanks for sharing! We are all proud of you and you are doing great!! 2015 will be awesome- very inspired by you and other doc mommys and moms to be!! :) <3

  2. I know things aren't going quite as you planned, but remember how great it is that everything is being so closely monitored so your baby will arrive safely. Keeping you both in my thoughts!!