Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Voodoo Remedies: Reverse Diabetes In 3 Weeks?!!!

There are a lot of wacky goofy weirdoes out there that think that curing a chronic disease like diabetes is all in your mind and if you just will it then you will get well. Or maybe, this one was a good laugh, soak okra over night and drink the water the next morning, and your blood sugar will be normal, but yet you must stay away from all sugar and sweets??? Huh?!  

What brought on my sudden urge to write about this topic? This morning I received a spam email at work that read as follows.


- - Diabetes News Today - -

By: Doctor Robert O.Young, MS. D Sc., PhD.

How You Can Now Permanently-Reverse Your Diabetes.

 If you or someone you know is a diabetic, you obviously understand the day to day challenge of dealing with this condition. It is extremely frustrating that over the years there hasn't been much progress with fighting this condition.
Most of the 7-million+ people currently struggling with diabetes, simply put, do not try to do anything about it other than take their medication & prick themselves with sharp needles day in, & day out, year after year.
Fortunately, there FINALLY is a new and very exciting simple way to overcome your diabetes.
This brand new little-known but 100% scientifically-proven way to ERASE your diabetes for good. As an added benefit, this can be easily accomplished in only THREE SHORT weeks.
Simply Go Here Right Now to Find Out How You Can ERASE Your Diabetes, for GOOD: Website that I’ve omitted from this post in case there is a virus attached.

Really?! Reverse diabetes? I can ERASE it?!!! Boo Ya!!! Wait...Type 2 right because you know type 1  is the really bad kind and nothing can be done about that. (Insert severe sarcasm here)
 Since I didn’t want to take the chance and cause a virus to eat away at my computer I decide to Google Dr. Young and see what I could find out about this must be loony so called doctor. First thing I pulled up was this really long blog hating on the dude and talking about how Young was finally arrested and arraigned on criminal charges. Nice! So I get sent spam mail that claims I can reverse my diabetes in 3 weeks and this being claimed by a guy who is now under arrest? Hmmm….Still interested to read what hogwash Young is claiming I kept searching on Google to see if I could find anything. I came across a testimonial on Young's personal blog from a “patient” that was praising his miracle program and then scrolling through his blog list I found a posting titled “Reversing Type 1 Diabetes” which wasn’t much but led to Young’s site for Miracle Living. It’s basically you pay for a book and he tells you how to treat a butt load of diseases by diet. Okay dude,  really? There might be some great tips in there (I doubt it), I mean if it was a diabetic cookbook I might be interested. There are avocados, (one of my food LOVES!!!), ginger and broccoli, sprouts, poc choi and all kinds of yummy healthy things pictured on the cover of the book. Sadly none of them will “cure” or “reverse” diabetes. It’s sad to think that people buy into this crap! I’m all for eating healthy! I pack  more veggies in recipes than what they usually call for. As a matter of fact I found a recipe for black bean soup that I’m going to try over the week end and I’m so totally stoked to try it out! If it turns out well I’ll share it. J Anyway, total side note there! Before I end this posting, I have to mention just because the name really amuses me, QuackWatch another site that had quite a bit to say about “Dr.” Young. I think I’ll keep taking my insulin thank you very much and if I choose to eat okra one of these days it will probably be in a southern cooking restaurant and not soaked in water over night. Just sayn….

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